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AD-hoc Wireless Portable Two-way Radio Base Station Repeater

Model: Defensor-BP5

Defensor-BP5 MESH Node supports vehicle-mounted and portable emergency deployment. It has an optical port, ethernet port and WiFi interface, and support battery power supply and optional municipal power supply, which can be used as an emergency scene command center or relay point.

Defensor-BP5 is designed with a sturdy carrying handle on the top and a built-in 19Ah lithium battery(removable and rechargeable) for 15.6working hours. It is specifically used for resolving blind spots and achieving the last mile coverage.

Product Description

Wireless Ad-hoc Repeater Highlights

5watts-20watts output power adjustable

IP67 Protection level

3.2kg weight( Not inc. antenna)

Large capacity battery built-in 16Ah/15.6 working hours

Power on for rapid deployment

Integrated design(Case, repeater, GPS, battery, antenna, operation panel, etc.)

Defensor-BP5 is ideal for resolving blind spots and achieving the last mile coverage.

Wireless communication solution


General Transmitter
Frequency 136-174/350-390/400-470Mhz RF Power 5W-20W
Channel Interval 25khz(Digital), 12.5/25Khz(Analog) Frequency Stability ±1.5ppm
Modulation 4FSK/FFSK/FM Adjacent Channel Power

≤-60dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-70dB (±25KHz)

Digital Vocoder Type NVOC/AMBE Power Ratio of Transient Switching Adjacent Channel

≤-50dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-60dB (±25KHz)

Dimension (HxWxD) 186.6X137.9X518mm(inc. antenna+battery) 4FSK modulation frequency deviation error ≤10.0%
Weight 2.5kg 4FSK Transmission BER ≤0.01%
Battery 19Ah Spurious Emission(Antenna Port)

9khz~1GHz: -36dBm

1GHz~12.75Ghz: ≤ -30dBm

Battery Life 15.6Hours(5/5/90 duty cycle) Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-36dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -30dBm

Operation Voltage DC12V Environment
Receiver Operating Temperature -20°C  ~ +55°C
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) -117dBm Storage Temperature -40°C  ~ +65°C
Adjacent Channnel Selectivity ≥60dB Operating Humidity 30% ~ 93%
Intermodulation ≥70dB Storage Humidity ≤ 93%
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB GNSS
Blocking ≥84dB Positioning Support GPS/BDS
Co-channel suppression ≥-12dB TTFF(Time To First Fix) Cold Start <1 minute
Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

TTFF(Time To First Fix) Hot Start <10 seconds
Spurious Emission(Antenna)

9kHz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

Horizontal Accuracy <10metres

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