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Low Latency

Ultra low latency of video transmission: the total latency from mirror to mirror could be less than 33ms.
① Each frame is encoded to nearly same size so that there is no additional latency in wireless channel caused by large I frame.
② ultra fast decoding to display engine.  
③ CABAC entropy encoding and high compression rate to gurantee high video quality at low bitrate

Video & Serial Digital Data Link

Video transmission and bi-directional serial data communication in one wireless channel to save bandwidth and frequency resource, and reduce possible interference with other wireless devices

Long Range Transmission For 50km

Advance modulation, FEC alogrithm, High performance PA and ultra sensitive receiver RF module. 

-40℃~+85℃ working temperature

All chips and component are industrial grade tolerating -40℃~85℃

Mini Size & Light Weight

Dimension and weight of all products are small and light with very low power consumption due to the elegant RF/PCB and case co-design. For example, network video transmission device could be as light as 60g, HDMI video transmission device could be 93g.


All item Comes with Basic 12 Months Sellers Warranty, if item defective in 12 Months, We will offer replacement without extra Charger(including shipping fee)After we Receive the Defective items.

Quality Guarantee

Each item before shipping experience lab testing and field testing

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