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  • Top 7 Reasons for IFLY Military Tactical Radio


    When disaster or special events occur, emergency people enter an area such as remote mountain, desert or jungles where the GSM LTE coverage is near to 0 and no any fixed infrastructure. IFLY porable tactical raido could ensure a clear audio communication to help you focus on mission. Read More

  • What is a multicast radio system?


    Simulcast (simultaneous broadcasting) means multiple base stations transmitting the same voice (or data) signal on the same frequency at the same time. This means that every frequency pair – probably your existing channels – can each provide greatly extended coverage across a very wide area. The secret to Simulcast is high-stability transmitters and signal timing, structured and implemented by coverage experts to negate potential interference. Read More

  • IFLY Two Way Radios VS DMR and TETRA


    IFLY Defensor system integrated the digital simulcast technology with ad-hoc network, which supply clear audio, IFLY Defensor system integrated the digital simulcast technology with ad-hoc network, which enables the system to extend coverage any time, any where. Read More

  • The past and present of the ad hoc network of emergency communication


    The advantages of ad hoc network communication are: fast, low-cost networking, high resistance to self-healing, large bandwidth, high-speed mobile communication, ultra-long-distance communication and other advantages.1. ConceptAd hoc network is a combination of mobile communication and computer netw Read More

  • What is Wireless Ad-Hoc Network?


    Introduction to MESHMesh wireless ad hoc network system is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with a brand new "wireless mesh network" concept. It is a wireless communication system that has automatic network organization, automatic healing, multi-hop transmission, high band Read More

  • IFLY's MESH ad hoc network provides emergency command and communication solutions for forest fire prevention


    Demand analysisThe climate in spring is dry, and it is the high season for forest fires. Forest fires often occur in remote areas with trees and complex terrain, and it is difficult for conventional 4G networks to effectively cover them. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the problem of poor communicat Read More

  • MESH wireless ad hoc network system


    The pioneer of wireless ad hoc network technology-AdHoc network first appeared in the 1970s, mainly used for military communications. AdHoc network is a special wireless communication network, which can be quickly and automatically networked without relying on any pre-built network facilities, and h Read More

  • Application of UAV in emergency communication


    In an emergency situation, communication is critical to the safety of first-aid personnel and the effective execution of emergency plans. However, in an emergency, the communication facilities are likely to be damaged:1. Extreme weather, such as the 2015 New Zealand Hunter District flood, may have a Read More

  • Smart hotel wireless intercom system solution


    With the continuous development of the hotel format, the hotel management also puts forward new requirements for communication within the hotel, requiring no blind spots, no interference, and clear voice. The hotel's welcome, reception, rooms, catering, security, and logistics can all Communicate an Read More

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