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  • IFLY VHF Tactical Manpack Radios


    For missions requiring reliable, long-range communications equipment, IFLY has developed the Defensor-BM3. It is a VHF tactical manpack radio. It is designed to meet the demanding security requirements of emergency communication worldwide. It builds a safe and stable emergency long range communication network without any other infrastructure, helps commanders to take full control of the on-site situation timely. Read More

  • IP Mesh Solutions for UAV and UGV


    IFLY IP Mesh Solutions is sepcial designed for nonline-of-sight tele-robotics missions in harsh urban environments and remote locations, and it will equips your teams with reliable bi-directional UGV communication for highspeed data and high-resolution video transfers in unpredictable environments. Read More

  • What kind of radios do the military use?


    IFLY Defensor System rapidly create MANET as an optimal solution for troops in a big area such as remote mountins, desert or dense jungles where GSM LTE coverage is 0 and no any fixed infrastructure. Read More

  • Characteristics of wireless ad hoc network


    (1) Network autonomyCompared with the conventional communication network, the wireless ad hoc network has the biggest difference that it can not need the existing information infrastructure at any time and any place. This is also a form of personal communication.(2) Dynamic topologyNodes have arbitr Read More

  • Technical characteristics and application of conventional co-channel simulcast wireless communication system


    Conventional co-channel simulcast system is to set up multiple relay stations in a region, so that each relay station forms a link interconnection and keeps working at the same frequency, thereby achieving effective coverage of wireless signals in a region and ensuring that the radio terminal is in Read More

  • Application of the same frequency simulcast technology in different industries


    The same frequency simulcast technology solves the problem of communication blind spots and excessive dead zones caused by same frequency interference in wireless communication, and truly realizes seamless coverage of signals and rapid expansion of wireless communication applications.1The problem of Read More

  • Simultaneous broadcasting on the same frequency encountered unprecedented challenges


    Inherent shortcomings of co-channel simulcast  1. Co-channel simulcast cannot completely eliminate co-channel interferenceBecause the same-frequency simulcast system adopts the same-frequency technology, in order to obtain clear voice quality in the overlapping coverage area, the system must achieve Read More

  • Advantages of Simultaneous broadcasting


    (1) Flexible networking, each base station's turntable usually works on its own channel. If there are major tasks that require multiple base stations to be networked, each simulcast base station can be set to one or more simulcast groups through the network management center. Forming a simulcast net Read More

  • Top 7 Reasons for IFLY Military Tactical Radio


    When disaster or special events occur, emergency people enter an area such as remote mountain, desert or jungles where the GSM LTE coverage is near to 0 and no any fixed infrastructure. IFLY porable tactical raido could ensure a clear audio communication to help you focus on mission. Read More

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