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  • What are the functions of the forest fire monitoring system


    The forestry department shoulders the responsibility of protecting forest resources. A fast, accurate, safe and reliable wireless only early warning communication system is an important guarantee for the forestry department to fulfill its duties. In recent years, with global warming and frequent for Read More

  • Several typical applications of drones in the field of emergency rescue


    China's aviation rescue systemEmergency rescue generally refers to activities and plans for the prevention, preparation, response and recovery of sudden and destructive emergencies. According to different types of emergency, it is divided into emergency rescue in the fields of health emergency, traf Read More

  • From emergency communication early warning plan to establishment of emergency communication support system


    Five hours after the Wenchuan earthquake in China that year, the network was basically paralyzed, and the telephone connection rate recovered 75% within one hour after the Lushan earthquake. What is the reason? It is reported that it is the national strategic document issued by the Ministry of Indus Read More

  • New technology in public radio


    In recent years, the continuous development of communication technology and communication tools are in a state of continuous development. More and more communication channels make our lives and work more and more convenient and efficient. Even with the advanced development of mobile phones, walkie-t Read More

  • Main functions of 4G wireless communication system downhole


    In order to solve the problem of mine communication, IFLY designed and developed a 4G wireless communication system based on 4G communication technology. Based on the industrial Ethernet system, it established a "wireless voice, video communication and dispatch communication system" to form a comple Read More

  • The most complete wireless intercom intelligent system solution and fault analysis


    With the rapid development of wireless communication technology in China, the degree of intelligence of urban buildings is getting higher and higher, modern buildings generally have complex structures, and the walls are more shielded from signals. The intercom itself cannot meet the call requirement Read More

  • Product status and trends of MESH ad hoc networks


    1. Introduction of MESH ad hoc network and its main technologiesMESH ad hoc network is a new type of wireless network that is completely different from traditional wireless networks. It is a technology that dynamically establishes new links to connect with other nodes. It has the advantages of self- Read More

  • From cognitive radio to artificial intelligence, explain the development process of dynamic spectrum management technology


    With the rapid development of radio technology, limited frequency resources have been unable to meet the increasing demand for frequency. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of frequency resources, comprehensive management of frequency resources has received widespread attention. During t Read More

  • 5G will challenge factory automation networking


    It is generally expected that the launch of 5G networks will have a huge impact on automation and control applications, as it focuses on machine type communications and support for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The 5G communication standard provides higher bandwidth and functions, can se Read More

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