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Solar Powered VHF and UHF Tactical Radio Repeaters

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IFLY Solar Powered VHF Radio Repeater(Defensor-BL8) merged MANET Technology with Radio. It solves many problems that today's wireless radio repeaters face. IFLY Defensor-BL8 is a industrial grade and portable solar powered repeater for VHF land mobile, VHF Marine & Aviation and remote mountain-top sites for covering a self-healing, mobile and flexible network. It wireless connects individual radio units(Defensor-T4) and other IFLY bodyworn radio repeaters(Defensor-BM3) through a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)based mesh topology to relay tactical clear audio and GPS data in an emergency disaster rescue or special event.

Solar Powered VHF Radio Repeaters



  • Big capacity Battery Power Compatible!

  • IP67 IP Grade: water-proof, weather-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof

  • Rapid deployment within 5mins

  • 4 pcs Special designed Solar panels for quickly installation

  • 40watts RF Power for 100km-300km large area coverage

  • High security level: the network is based on IFLY private modulation and demodulation mechanism

  • Supports customized encription

  • MANET(Mobiel Adhoc Network) technology for self-healing, mobile and flexible network

  • 6-Hopping for long range and wide communication area

  • Wireless connct with handset digital radios and other IFLY manpack repeaters for soldiers operational mobility

  • Easy to use: No need any configuration and programming befor application

  • Suitable for temporary and permanent application for 24-hour working

  • Keep your mobile troops connected in the self-configuring network.

  • A self-healing network that keeps you always connected with automated functions.

  • Easy integration with any existing or upcoming IFLY manpack repeaters or portable radio stations.

  • VHF and UHF Frequency options: 136Mhz-174Mhz/350Mhz-390Mhz/400Mhz-470Mhz

  • One frequency supports 1-3channels at same time.

Quick Installation

Quick Installation Guide

Rapid deployment within 10mins: Defensor-BL8 Military Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater is special designed for emergency events. Once the special event happend, Defensor-BL8 can be installed within 10mins to cover a big area with stable communication network.

Infrastructure-less: Defensor-BL8 is special for remote area without any infrastructure such as cellular network coverage, IP connectivity, Power line and any other wired link.

Plug and Play: Defensor-BL8 is push to start for users. No need any configuration. All the data between different base station will be automatical data synchronization.

Application--Rapidly build a communication network between 3 cities.

Communication network between cities

In the application above, the defensor-BL8 was installed at a high place in 3 cities to facilitate interoperability. The total communication range is 160km. Within the coverage, the individula unit and manpack base station can move freely to carry the task and communicate with each other.


Frequency 136-174/350-390/400-470Mhz RF Power 40watts
Channel Interval 12.5khz Frequency Stability


Bit Rate


Adjacent Channel Power

≤-60dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-70dB (±25KHz)

Dimension 316X117X108mm Power Ratio of Transient Switching Adjacent Channel

≤-50dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-60dB (±25KHz)



4FSK modulation frequency deviation error


Solar Panel Power 75watts 4FSK Transmission BER ≤0.01%
Battery Life

Positioning Suport


Voltage DC12V/DC48V/AC220V TTFF(Time To First Fix) Cold Start

<1 minute

Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) -118dBm

TTFF(Time To First Fix) Hot Start

Horizontal Accuracy

<10 seconds

Intermodulation ≥70dB Horizontal Accuracy <10metres


IFLY specializes in military radio and communication solutions by providing advanced products and services for wireless Tactical Communications. IFLY MANET solution can equip dismounted soldiers that will allow them to exchange onsite information. This solution allows any devices join in and leave the infrastructure-less network any time. In this way, each individual can retain mobility and be independent of any existing infrastructure.

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