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Portable Tactical MANET Radio Repeater

Model: Defensor-BR6

Defensor-BR6 adopts anti-vibration structure for shockproof and drop resistant. Its shell is made of PC+ABS engineering plastics for waterproof and dustproof.

This device would connect individual unit members through a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)based mesh topology to relay voice and GPS data information in a secure and robust manner while retaining the mobility needed for dismounted soldier operations.

Its light weight, low power consumption, big capacity battery built in, and rapid deployment make it the reliable choice for an urgent communication required in special event.

Product Description

Portable Tactical MANET Radio Repeater


➢Single Frequency Wireless Ad hoc Network Technology

Defensor-BR6 adopts IFLY self-developed automatic addressing technology to complete wireless automatic networking. The whole network only use one frequency to support 6 channels simultaneously.

➢Does not Rely on Any Infrastructure

IFLY MANET Radio does not need existing infrastructure network facilities(such as fiber cable, ip interconnection, 3G/4G network or satellite) at any time and any place.

➢Strong Anti-destruction Ability

In wireless Ad Hoc network, each repeater or base station have both independent routing and host functions. So any of it can join in or leave the network at any time and any place. so it has strong robustness and resistance to destruction

➢Flexible Network Expansion

Any IFLY base station can join in the system any time once powered on, which allow the users to expand the coverage freely.

➢Multiple Frequency Options

Supports 136-174Mhz/350-390Mhz/400-470Mhz

➢One Frequency support 6Ch

In DMR or TETRA system, more channels means more frequency certificate users need to get from the telecommunication organizations. However IFLY MANET Radio one frequency supports 6CH simultaneously. No need to apply more frequency certificate.



General Transmitter
Frequency 136-174/350-390/400-470Mhz RF Power 5W-20W
Standard Ad Hoc(IFLY proprietary protocol) Rate



Channel Width 25khz Frequency Stability ±1.5ppm
Adjacent Channel Power

≤-60dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-70dB (±25KHz)

Modulation 4FSK/FFSK/FM Power Ratio of Transient Switching Adjacent Channel

≤-50dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-60dB (±25KHz)

Dimension (HxWxD) 140X300X250mm(inc. antenna port+knob) 4FSK modulation frequency deviation error ≤10.0%
Weight 6.85kg 4FSK Transmission BER ≤0.01%
Battery 90Ah Spurious Emission(Antenna Port)

9khz~1GHz: -36dBm

1GHz~12.75Ghz: ≤ -30dBm

Battery Life 46Hours(5/5/90 duty cycle) Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-36dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -30dBm

Operation Voltage DC12V Environment
Receiver Operating Temperature -20°C  ~ +55°C
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) -118dBm Storage Temperature -40°C  ~ +65°C
Adjacent Channnel Selectivity ≥60dB Operating Humidity 30% ~ 93%
Intermodulation ≥70dB Storage Humidity ≤ 93%
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB GNSS
Blocking ≥84dB Positioning Support GPS/BDS
Co-channel suppression ≥-12dB TTFF(Time To First Fix) Cold Start <1 minute
Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

TTFF(Time To First Fix) Hot Start <10 seconds
Spurious Emission(Antenna)

9kHz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

Horizontal Accuracy <10metres


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