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Ad Hoc Network Vehicle Digital Mobile Radio

Model: Defensor-T6

Defensor-T6 offers many versatile voice and data services, IFLY Defensor-T6 digital mobile radio offers an intuitive user interface and very high quality. Ideal for desktop or in vehicle installations. The Defensor-T6 delivers professional communication in a mobile unit. It can wireless communicate with other handset radio(Defensor-T4).

It supports Ad Hoc networking to allow users freely and fast moving with clear voice and GPS information. And a palm microphone is supplied for easy operation in emergency scenario.

Product Description


➢Many versatile voice and data services

During calls, display the caller's identity, number, ID and other information.

➢Caller Location Map Display

Defensor-T6 can be connected with a computer via the USB management interface. Then other terminal radios positioning map will be display in real time via IFLY command and dispatch software.

➢Supports Ad Hoc

Defensor-T6 adopts single-frequency Ad Hoc Networking technology, which enables it to automatically build an emergency communication network through wireless links to increase your efficiency and enable you to be responsive to emergency situations.

➢One Ttouch Call/Text

Supports one touch features that comprise of preprogrammed, text Messages, voice calls and supplementary features.

➢Secure Communication

IFLY owns the independent intellectual property rights of the single frequency relay technology, which makes it difficult for hackers to monitor the voice communication. Defensor-T6 also supports customized voice encryption to meet users needs of multiple levels security.

IFLY Ad-hoc Vehicle Digital Two-way Radios


General Transmitter
Frequency 136-174/350-390/400-470Mhz RF Power 5W-20W
Channel Interval 25khz(Digital), 12.5/25Khz(Analog) Frequency Stability ±1.5ppm
Modulation 4FSK/FFSK/FM Adjacent Channel Power

≤-60dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-70dB (±25KHz)

Dimension (HxWxD)

53X160X195mm(inc. antenna port)

Power Ratio of Transient Switching Adjacent Channel

≤-50dB (±12.5KHz)

≤-60dB (±25KHz)

Multiple Access Mode TDMA 4FSK modulation frequency deviation error ≤10.0%
Weight 1.43kg 4FSK Transmission BER ≤0.01%
Spurious Emission(Antenna Port)

9khz~1GHz: -36dBm

1GHz~12.75Ghz: ≤ -30dBm

Operation Voltage DC12V
Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-36dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -30dBm

Receiver Operating Temperature -20°C  ~ +55°C
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) -117dBm Storage Temperature -40°C  ~ +65°C
Adjacent Channnel Selectivity ≥60dB Operating Humidity 30% ~ 93%
Intermodulation ≥70dB Storage Humidity ≤ 93%
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB GNSS
Blocking ≥84dB Positioning Support GPS/BDS
Co-channel suppression ≥-12dB TTFF(Time To First Fix) Cold Start <1 minute
Spurious Emission(Host)

30Mhz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

TTFF(Time To First Fix) Hot Start <10 seconds
Spurious Emission(Antenna)

9kHz~1GHz: ≤-57dBm

1GHz~12.75GHz: ≤ -47dBm

Horizontal Accuracy <10metres


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