• Tri-proof Emergency Tactical Radio Base Stations
    Model: Defensor-BR6

    Defensor-BR6 is a tri-proof digital wireless ad hoc base station with battery built-in. It is fast deployed single box solution and provides users with reliable, fast-responsive, efficient, and secure services, like clear voice, GPS and SMS under non-line-of-sight, emergency scene and fast-moving scenarios.

    Defensor-BR6 adopts anti-vibration structure for shockproof and drop resistant. Its shell is made of PC+ABS engineering plastics for waterproof and dustproof.
  • AD-hoc Wireless Portable Two-way Radio Base Station Repeater
    Model: Defensor-BP5

    Defensor-BP5 MESH Node supports vehicle-mounted and portable emergency deployment. It has an optical port, ethernet port and WiFi interface, and support battery power supply and optional municipal power supply, which can be used as an emergency scene command center or relay point.

    Defensor-BP5 is designed with a sturdy carrying handle on the top and a built-in 19Ah lithium battery(removable and rechargeable) for 15.6working hours. It is specifically used for resolving blind spots and achieving the last mile coverage.
  • Ad-hoc Digital Two Way Portable Millitary Radios
    Model: Defensor-T4

    Defensor-T4 is designed to support Ad Hoc to wireless connect with Defensor base stations for communication. Defensor-T4 makes a reliable and secured communication radio to ensure you to operate it anywhere. The radio also comes with a GPS navigation function which allows you to locate the caller with direction and distance on the radio's screen.
  • Solar Powered long range Base Stations
    Model: Defensor-BL8

    Defensor-BL8 is an Ad-hoc networking repeater that adopts the wireless interconnection and simulcast technology for providing log-term, stable, and large-scale wireless communication coverage. It eliminates the wiring problems between base stations in Tetra or DMR system and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

    Defensor-BL8 is a solar powered base station integrated with battery and solar pannels. Power input supports AC220V, DC48V, DC12 V battery power supply and built-in 30 Amp battery option. One-click operation design doesnt need debugging before installation.

    Max 40watts RF Power for ultra large area coverage. It can be installed in a place for permanent use or for emergency network building.
  • Ad-Hoc Network Military Manpack Radio Repeater
    Model: Defensor-BM3

    Defensor-BM3 is a manpack base station, which integrated the funtions of base station and terminals for network coverage, data relay, clear audio and data sending and receiving in a miniature package.

    It is special designed for urgent tactical operation with fast and freely moving in emergency events. The battery is removable type. It can be quickly replaced by a fullly charged batter
  • PtMP Wireless MIMO(2x2) OEM Digital Data Link
    Model: FDM-6600

    IFLY FDM-6600 Digital Data Link radios provide secure and reliable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications where high bandwidth links are required. The data rate is up to be 30Mbps. FDM-6600 radio provides unparalleled performance for simultaneous video requirements.

    Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) is the best choice for immunity to noise and interference. FDM-6600 use FHSS to deliver your ethernet signal reliably over very long distances.

    FDM-6600 supports multi frequency band: 800Mhz/1.4Ghz/2.4Ghz. It provides high bandwidth Ethernet for size and weight applications such as remote video, robotics, and other wireless Ethernet data transmitting systems.
  • Portable MIMO Broadband MESH Radio
    Model: FD6700
    FD6700 is a 2×2 MIMO broadband mesh radio based on mature SOC chipset and TD-LTE wireless communication standard to establish a self-forming and self-healing network between different points such as soldiers, vehicles and UAVs. This centerless network is capable of transporting video and data communications for high-stakes industries like military and law enforcement. The small size coupled with low power consumption is ideal for use in portable and embedded applications.
  • Wireless NLOS Broadband Video Data Transmitting PCB Module
    Model: FD-6100

    FD-6100 adopts OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and MIMO (Multi-Input & Multi-Output) technologies to wireless video transmission for UGV and Robotics with multiple bandwidth (1.4Mhz/3 MHz/5 MHz/10 MHz/ 20MHz). It supports point to max 16 point to share 30Mbps bandwidth for real time HD video and two way digital data.

    FD-6100 adopts SOC chip to realize automatic frequency modulation to avoid anti-interference, low power consumption and small size to meet the requirements of HD video transmission.
  • Ad Hoc Network Vehicle Digital Mobile Radio
    Model: Defensor-T6

    Defensor-T6 offers many versatile voice and data services, IFLY Defensor-T6 digital mobile radio offers an intuitive user interface and very high quality. Ideal for desktop or in vehicle installations. The Defensor-T6 delivers professional communication in a mobile unit. It can wireless communicate with other handset radio(Defensor-T4).

    It supports Ad Hoc networking to allow users freely and fast moving with clear voice and GPS information. And a palm microphone is supplied for easy operation in emergency scenario.

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