• 4G LTE Tri-proof Broadband Trunking Handset
    Model: Cuckoo-HT2

    Cuckoo-HT2 is a water-, dust-, and shock-resistant LTE 4G trunking handset base on Android system with 3.5inch HD touchscreen. It provides professional voice dispatching, trunking dispatching and video dispatching in public security, energy, and transportation through public or enterprise network.
  • 4G LTE Portable Emergency Command System
    Model: Patron-P10

    It is a Portable Emergency Command System highly integrates baseband processing unit(BBU), Remote Radio Unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) and multimedia dispatch, quickly deploy the on-site LTE emergency network, provides rich services LTE-based such as professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation etc. It is widely adopted in emergency treatment sectors such as forest fire protection, fire emergency, earthquake disaster rescue, production safety, government affairs network blind spots coverage. The system supports various backhaul modes such as satellite, Mesh, optical fiber, microwave and public network etc.
  • Wireless Communications LTE Baseband Unit (BBU)
    Model: BBU3600

    It is IFLY's new-generation LTE TDD BBU achieves the baseband processing functions of LTE air interface, which can connect multiple RRUs at one time, to realize the function of distributed base stations. Besides, BBU supplies the functions of S1, X2 interfaces, clock synchronization interface, RRU digital baseband interface and so on, to carry out the exchange between internal data and external communication data. The optical fiber of digital baseband signal is adopted for the radio remote between BBU and RRU.
  • 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core Network (EPC)
    Model: FCN101

    It is developed based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and supports standards features and interfaces comply with 3GPP. It is highly integrated, gathering the core network element functions of 3GPP EPC architecture including MME, SGW, PGW, HSS and other elements in one, and providing standard external interface to enable easy configuration, for fast operationat the same time.

    FCN101 is a simple hardware platform, with highly integrated, low power consumption and easy deployment, for quick delivery in disaster recovery.
  • Drone On-board 4G-LTE Private Networking System
    Model: Patron-X10

    It is a highly integrated airborne wireless emergency communication system, which integrates baseband processing unit(BBU), Remote Radio Unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) multimedia dispatch server and a tethered drone for qulickly building a LTE wireless network covering a 20km large area in emergency scenarios.

    Patron-X10 provides rich services LTE-based such as professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation to help first responders make accurate decision.
  • Manpack Wireless Long Range CPE
    Model: Knight-M2

    It is a industrial gateway and routing device offering real time sensor data collection and wireless HD video surveillance to the headquarter by long range connecting over the LTE base stations. It features a light weight, small size and body worn product design for quick deployment and easy to carry. In addition to LTE access, this industrial-grade CPE also integrates Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces to enable users to access the lte private networks for data sharing to help the relief team operate more quickly.
  • TD-LTE Distributed Base Station Remote Radio Unit (RRU)
    Model: RRU2T

    Remote radio unit(RRU) frequency options are 400Mhz, 600Mhz, 1.4Ghz and 1.8Ghz. One or more RRU2T connected with BBU through the optical fiber, which comprise the whole eNodeB, to achieve the wireless data transmission of the covered areas. The RRU2T can be mounted onto a pole, stand or concrete wall. It also can be installed close to antennas to shorted the feeder length, reduce feeder loss, and improve system coverage. RRUs modulate and demodulate baseband and RF signals, process data, amplify power, and detect standing wavs.

    The new generation RRUs, adapting to a variety of scenarios, set a new record in raising the power amplifier efficiency. With the minimum volume and weight in the industry, the new generation products can help operators quickly and flexibly construct a low-cost, high-performance and converged 2G/3G/4G mobile communication network.
  • Portable MIMO Broadband MESH Radio
    Model: FD6700
    FD6700 is a 2×2 MIMO broadband mesh radio based on mature SOC chipset and TD-LTE wireless communication standard to establish a self-forming and self-healing network between different points such as soldiers, vehicles and UAVs. This centerless network is capable of transporting video and data communications for high-stakes industries like military and law enforcement. The small size coupled with low power consumption is ideal for use in portable and embedded applications.
  • LTE Tri-proof Law Enforcement Police Body Camera
    Model: Cuckoo-HR1

    Whether you're gathering evidence, recording traffic violations or interrogating a suspect, a quality recorder means everything for police officers and law enforcement personnel. For law enforcement officials, stakes are high and time is precious. Interviewing victims, suspects and witnesses is a complex process and accuracy is utmostly important.

    Cuckoo-HR1 LTE Tri-proof Law Enforcement Recorder is developed based on Android system, which offers real-time recording and live audio and video transmission for long distance, and enhances the security features and trouble free integration with exisiting IFLY Emergency Communciation system.

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