• 120Mbps Dual-Frequency 2X2 MIMO Digital Data Link
    Model: FDM-6680

    The FDM-6680 point to multipoint Digital Data Link is a miniature OEM, point to 64units points, high sensitivity, high power, 2X2 MIMO wireless OEM solution. Its robust digital data link provides a robust and secure link in the software selectable 550Mhz-680MHz and 1415Mhz-1540MHz frequency bands. In complex RF environment, its automatically frequency hopping between different bands makes it have strong antiblocking and anti-interference performance.

    The FDM-6680 was designed based on the TD-LTE technology standards and SOC chips to achieve robust RF performance with first-class sensivity. Even though the signal is weak, the wireless link between nodes is still stable and reliable.

    The miniature, lightweight and robust design allows the FDM-6680 to be an ideal candidate for size sensitive applications. The high speed, nlos long range capabilities of the FDM-6680 allow for high quality wireless video and telemetry communications.
  • Hand-held HDMI MIMO MESH Radios
    Model: FD-6700M

    FD-6700M is a 2×2 MIMO MESH radio, delivering full HD hdmi camera video and full duplex data in a miniature package. It is ideal for use in portable and embedded applications where size, weight, power or cost are key.

    FD-6700M is based on TD-LTE technology standard with the best sensitivity in complex RF environment to provide the most Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) for users. It is built to create powerful, secure networks anywhere, the FD-6700M unites all your critical data sources in real time – giving you and your team the confidence to make difficult decisions in the heat of the moment.
  • Solar Powered long range MANET Radio Base Stations
    Model: Defensor-BL8

    IFLY Solar Powered base station is a Rapid Deployable Critical Mission Radio Communication solution has been specially designed for first-responder emergency and security services. When networks are down, or you're beyond cellular coverage, It instantly offers stable communication network to users.

    Base on Ad Hoc network technology, Defensor-BL8 is capable to create a multi-hop network as soon as it is power on, in which every node connects with each other automatically and wirelessly by a single frequency.

    It can be used for both temporary and permanent application. The big power solar pannels supports 24h continuous working.
  • Wireless Communications LTE Baseband Unit (BBU)
    Model: BBU3600

    It is IFLY's new-generation LTE TDD BBU achieves the baseband processing functions of LTE air interface, which can connect multiple RRUs at one time, to realize the function of distributed base stations. Besides, BBU supplies the functions of S1, X2 interfaces, clock synchronization interface, RRU digital baseband interface and so on, to carry out the exchange between internal data and external communication data. The optical fiber of digital baseband signal is adopted for the radio remote between BBU and RRU.
  • Dispatch and Command Center Software
    Model: i-SCOUT

    i-SCOUT is command and dispatch center software installed on the server. It consists of an emergency platform and a control center. Serving as the center of emergency system, i-SCOUT is responsible for coordination between the link units (such as Handset or base station ) and gateway devices, and the switch control of voice and data.

    In addition, it provides a GUI platform for the dispatcher to manage networks, monitor devices, locate devices or personnel, query and play back the recording, view alarms, and so on.
  • Portable Tactical MANET Radio Repeater
    Model: Defensor-BR6

    Defensor-BR6 adopts anti-vibration structure for shockproof and drop resistant. Its shell is made of PC+ABS engineering plastics for waterproof and dustproof.

    This device would connect individual unit members through a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)based mesh topology to relay voice and GPS data information in a secure and robust manner while retaining the mobility needed for dismounted soldier operations.

    Its light weight, low power consumption, big capacity battery built in, and rapid deployment make it the reliable choice for an urgent communication required in special event.
  • 80km Long Range Drone HDMI/SDI Video and Serial Data Downlink
    Model: FMS-8480
    FMS-8480 airborne video downlink is a comprehensive aerial-based video transmission solution that delivers real-time surveillance that enhances law enforcement, emergency and critical infrastructure operations.

    FMS-8480 is comprised of an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, receivers and antennas that capture real-time, reliable high-definition video from drones, helicopters and other aircraft for display at command centers, mobile units and on video management systems.

    It is also integrated full duplex serial control data for flight and gimbal contro at same time by pilot on ground.
  • 100km Drone IP MESH Video Downlink
    Model: FD-615MT

    FD-615MT build a no center, self-forming, self-adapting and self-healing dynamic routing/
    automatic relay communication mesh network. It achieves dynamic routing, multihop relay HD video, multi-channel data and fidelity voice between different nodes of the same network in complex applications, such as fast movement and non-line-of-sight environmental distance.

    Smart antenna MIMO and self-forming packet wireless mesh network AD-HOC/MESH, which make FD-615MT provide real-time HD video and broadband Ethernet connection with 30Mbps transmission rate and distance of 100km-150km or more. It Is speical for wireless communication in critical private networks.
  • Portable MIMO Broadband MESH Radio
    Model: FD6700
    FD6700 is a 2×2 MIMO broadband mesh radio based on mature SOC chipset and TD-LTE wireless communication standard to establish a self-forming and self-healing network between different points such as soldiers, vehicles and UAVs. This centerless network is capable of transporting video and data communications for high-stakes industries like military and law enforcement. The small size coupled with low power consumption is ideal for use in portable and embedded applications.

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