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Who We Are ?

We begin to develop the emergency wireless communication system from the end of 2008, after the snowstorm, Earth Quake and flood happened in China. At that time, facing the disaster, the on-site relief personnel didn’t have professional tools and complete supporting facilities, especially the emergency-response command system, which is closely related to the success or failure of the entire rescue.

The professional emergency communication system, manufactured by foreign companies were excessively expensive. To add to that it’s been impossible to import them for all Chinese enterprises , due to some complex factors.

What We Do?

As soon as we realized this problem, we immediately began our own wireless transmission system’s development and production. Keeping close touch with our military Government advisors, we eventually managed to complete our 4G LTE Private network system. It was designed specifically for law enforcement agencies, first responders and critical civilian infrastructure protection purposes.

IFLY’s portfolio of new and innovative products includes a 4G LTE Private Network System, a self-healing IP ad-hoc mesh radio (PodNode) for nlos video transmission and COFDM drone video transmitters.

We listen to our customers and over the last 11 years worked closely with law enforcement agencies throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia to develop, test, and validate emergency and community focused software platforms and mobile applications to improve communication and collaboration, prevent crime, build trust, increase accountability and support large and small scale disasters. 

Product Series

  • 4G LTE Private Network Communication
  • Broadband Trunking Handset
  • Satellite Communication
  • Professional Command and Dispatch
  • Drone Video Transmitter
  • LOT Devices
  • COFDM hd Wireless Transmitter
  • Long Range Video Transmitter fpv
  • UGV/Robotic Wireless Video Transmitter
  • Wireless Mesh Video Comms System
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