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20Watts Tactical MIMO IP MESH for Vehicle Installations
4K FHD Video Wirless Transmitter Module
Hand-held HDMI MIMO MESH Radios
100km Drone IP MESH Video Downlink
Portable MIMO Broadband MESH Radio
50KM Drones Video And Bi-directional Data Radio Links
Visual Command and Dispatching Platform For IP MESH Solution
30Mbps IP MESH Wireless NLOS Video and TTL data Radios
Solar Powered long range MANET Radio Base Stations

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Emergency Communications Expert - iFLY

During natural or manmade disaster, enable the first responders to access to remote hot spots, mobile command vehicles and achieving visualization of on-site conditions and facilitating accurate decision-making, which not only help save time, but also lives.

IFLY provides visualized emergency response communications based on TD-LTE technology for reliable and wireless broadband network solutions. we are your communications arm for disaster recovery via video and voice trunking, data backup, data center colocation and video surveillance.

The LTE Rapid system does't rely on the telecom operators tower and work independently to occupy a small area for flexible network deployment. It can be quickly deployed within 15 minutes. So the system is always be applied in emergency scenarios such as disaster relief, disaster recovery, sports events, and summit security.

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