IFLY Tactical Radio Solution Helps SWAT Achieve Remote Visual Command

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From pre-planning to in-action commanding, SWAT officers rely on communication for safety and effectiveness. IFLY tactical LTE mission-critical communications and tactical radios for airborne, vehicular, manpack and handheld applications deliver unprecedented Situational Awareness through high-speed voice, data and Full-Motion Video. Call takers are allowed to both clearly hear the incident reporter and see the emergency to determine the on-site conditions.

The following is a process of SWAT exercise in mountains area with IFLY LTE Tactical Video Solution


This exercise is to practice the arrest action in dense jungles. The drill was took place in a mountain area with altitude 545meters. The jungles is very thick and public network coverage is nearly to 0. The total jungle area is a circle with a radius >6km.

During the drill, the SWAT command center need to real time communicate with action group members via audio, GIS data and video.


Drone: The drone is for detecting suspicious target via hd video camera and thermal camera on board and transmitting the real time video stream to commander center.


Command Center: The officers in command center indentify the suspicious target via the feedback video from drone, and real time communicate with action groups to coordinate and direct their actions.


Action Groups: Each action group was equippe with a manpack gateway and broadband LTE trunking handsets for audio communication, GIS data and sharing living video with other members during action.

Diagram of IFLY Rapid LTE Solution

IFLY Tactical Video Solution for SWAT


Location B: Deploy IFLY Portable LTE base station Patron-10(deployment time<20minutes) in location B with two pcs fiber glass omni antenns. 

LTE Tactical Radio

LTE Portable Emergency Command Base Station

1. Built-in battery for 4-8hours continuous working

2. Broadband 30Mbps data rate

3. Integrated with EPC, BBU, RRU and dispatch server

4. Long range coverage

5. Rapid deployment with 20minutes for emergency

Location A: Deploy a DJI drone and 5watts CPE Gateway(Customer Premise Equipment)(Knight-M5) for real time HD video uploading. And the drone pilot was equipped with a handset for communicating with command center to operate the drone as directed by command centers. Such as adjust the uav's flying height, camera's angle, zoom, etc.

LTE Manpack Radio

LTE-Broadband Trunking System and Smart Manpack Radio(Knight-M5)

It exchanges data between wireless wide area networks and wired or wireless local area networks.

1. Data service

2. Wi-Fi service

3. Security service

4. Local and remote maintenance 

5. Management

6. Data routing

Location D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K: 8 action groups equipped with 2watts manpack CPE and tactical trunking radio for long range communication.

LTE Portable Radio


Support professional trunking voice, video transferring, video forwarding, text message, media message, GIS location, audio/video record and playback, etc.

Location C: Deploy a 5watts LTE manpack radios and broadband LTE trunking portable radios in command center for officers to take full control of the emergency situation timely and improve the work efficiency.

Remote Command Center


IFLY Broadband Communications solution is special designed for rapid deployment and it provids stable voice calling, click-to-call, video distribution and upload, and location upload and sharing for mobile tactical actions. This solution is ideal for guaranteeing reliable wireless broadband connectivity and 4G TD-LTE cellular for public safety, security force, military, disaster relief, sports events, and summit security.

The visual command center can short the average response time during special events. The visual command and dispatch is accelerating mission-critical communications through LTE and Land Mobile Radio to reduce loss of property and indeed lives.

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