Wireless Connectivity In Dense Forest With IFLY Mobile Ad-hoc Networking System

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In remote areas such as big mountains and old-growth forest, the communication facilities are very poor. In order to minimize the loss of forest fires and keep fire fighters safe, Inner Mongolia Forestry Bureau has chosen a Mobile Ad-hoc Networking radio system by IFLY Solutions to build a monitoring and communication network for instant secure voice and data communications in Daxinganling forest region.

MESH Radio for Forest


1. Complex Terrain and Big Area

Daxinganling is located in the north of China and is the largest virgin forest in China. The total area is 327,200 square kilometers. It has abundant resources and is one of the important forestry bases in China. 


  • Complex terrain and big forest area make it impossible to cable connect each repeater/base station

  • Nature disaster happen very frequently, which lead to high maintenance costs. And once the disaster bring down electricity and communications cables, the whole communication system will stop work. That is a big potential risk for disaster rescue.

  • When fire men fight with fire in such big area and complex terrain, there will be many blind spot area. Once there is people in such area, he will loss the connection with other people.

  • When disaster happend, during the first critical minutes, the first responders need a simple yet rapid deployment communication system that can be quickly deployed to expand the coverage and connects with all the human resources. However in such old-growth forest, fast deploy these radios and repeaters seems very difficult.

Radio for forest

2. The existing communication system is analog system

  • The analog mobile radio was installed in the observation center in every divided area, and connected with the dispatcher center by telephone line. The control center at the foot of the mountain kept remote monitor of those dispatching mobile radios and links.


  • Since the analog termianls can not support GPS function, which brought much inconvenience to forest patrol and fireman communication in fire fighting.


  • And the staff needed to manually switch the channel to the target area when they do cross area support and communicating.



Considering the limit of the analog communication system and difficulty of construction in dense forest, the customer decided to upgrade to digital communication system with IFLY Mobile Ad-hoc Networking radio system.


40watts Solar powered base station(Defensor-BL8), Manpack Repeater(Defensor-BM3), Portable Base Station(Defensor-BP5), Portable handheld radio(Defensor-T4) and dispatch software(I-SCOUT)

IFLY Solar Powered Repeater                             Manpack Digital Radio

                                                                    IFLY Solar Powered Repeater(Defensor-BL8)                                         Manpack Digital Radio(Defensor-BM3)


1. No need any wired link: Wireless connection between all radios, repeaters and base stations

In IFLY MESH networking system, all the connection is wireless. It doesnt rely on any cellular coverage, IP Connectivity and any other wired links. Which makes it very easy and quickly to deploy the system during emergency events.

 2. Self-Forming and Self-Healing function: Freely to add more devices for expanding coverage

The whole system is special designed based on mobile mesh networking technology with Self-Forming and Self-Healing functions. So that all the handset radios, manpack repeaters and big power base stations can join or leave the network at any time and the whole network will continuously work normally. In this way, even though the disaster break down the base station, the whole system will still work normally.


3. A variety of repeaters/base stations for option to apply in different application

20watts Manpack base for bodyworn to fast move

25watts mini portable base station: it can be put where the signal is weak for blind spot coverage.

40Watts solar powered base station for big network coverage for long range.


4. No need fixed power line: powered by solar panels and batteries

All the devices are powered by batteries or solar panels. So there is no need to cable the power link. And which greatly reduces the construction difficulty in complex terrain mountains.


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