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Dispatcher and Command Control Center Platform

Model: i-SCOUT

i-SCOUT is command and dispatch center software installed on the server. It consists of an emergency platform and a control center. Serving as the center of emergency system, i-SCOUT is responsible for coordination between the link units (such as Handset or base station ) and gateway devices, and the switch control of voice and data.

In addition, it provides a GUI platform for the dispatcher to manage networks, monitor devices, locate devices or personnel, query and play back the recording, view alarms, and so on.

Product Description


i-SCOUT Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications.

Efficient and Comprehensive Dispatch Solution

  • GPS Tracking

GPS-based tracking of subscribers showing speed, direction and history

  • Comprehensive Voice and Data

Comprehensive group and individual voice and data communication

  • Complete Overview

Keep track of all subscribers, regardless of technologies

Dispatcher Solution

Initiate calling, message, Center on the map, Information pull-up etc. to the registered radio/group


Display RSSI, Power, Altitude, Group ID, Position info and Time of Handheld radio, vehiclular radio and repeater


Directly initiate or receive a call on the dispatcher software


Timeline-based tracking and recording of the whole process, including incident status change, actions performed, and voice calls. Play voice recordings online.


Measure Distance on map

Configuration Requirement of Hardware and Software
Hardware CPU

Above 3.0 for single core

Above 1.6 for dual core

Memory 512MB
Sound Card Sound card with SPEAK and MIC interface
Software Operation System Windows Server 2003 / windows 7 or later operating system
DBS(database system) MySQL 5.1 database system/MySQL Connect ODBC 5.1.5
Microsoft VS2010 framework  VC_redist_x86

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