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MESH wireless ad hoc network system

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The pioneer of wireless ad hoc network technology-AdHoc network first appeared in the 1970s, mainly used for military communications. AdHoc network is a special wireless communication network, which can be quickly and automatically networked without relying on any pre-built network facilities, and has strong invulnerability and flexibility. It is suitable for disaster relief, field investigation, oilfield mining, military, etc. Network communication on special occasions is very important.

The AdHoc network was mainly used in the field of military communications in the early days to study how to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission in a multi-hop wireless network environment. With the deepening of research and the advancement of information technology, the application of AdHoc network has gradually turned to civil and commercial fields, which are widely used in network architecture, cross-layer design, service discovery, network interconnection and information security transmission.

1. IFLY's MESH wireless ad hoc network

In response to actual application needs, AdHoc network technology has further derived wireless sensor network WSN and wireless mesh network WMN. IFLY's MESH wireless ad hoc network system is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed based on the wireless mesh network WMN and adopting the new "wireless mesh network" concept.

All nodes of IFLY's MESH wireless ad hoc network system can realize the real-time interaction of multi-channel voice, data, image and other multimedia information under the non-line-of-sight and fast-moving conditions, using the distributed network architecture without a central ad hoc network. At the same time, the system supports any network topology. Each node device can move randomly and quickly, and the system topology can change and update quickly without affecting the system transmission. The overall system is easy to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

2. System Advantage


①No central networking, can be deployed flexibly as needed, without the need for infrastructure support such as computer rooms and transmission networks, can be arbitrarily set up, and can be expanded through multi-hop relay networking to further expand coverage.

② Dedicated private network, no link fee or traffic fee for wireless transmission link.

③Support hierarchical grouping and roaming networking to achieve expansion of system communication capacity.

④ Equipped with frequency hopping function to effectively improve anti-interference and anti-tracking capabilities; introduce digital filtering function to effectively suppress far-end interference. At the same time, the ARQ transmission mechanism is used to reduce the data transmission loss rate and improve the data transmission reliability.

⑤Data transparent transmission supports various business data without differential transparent transmission. With broadband transmission capabilities, it can support multimedia services such as clear voice, broadband data and high-definition video.

⑥The image has the ability of self-adaptive adjustment to fully guarantee the continuity and fluency of data, video and other services.

⑦ Adopts COFDM technology, strong anti-multipath ability.

⑧Using dual antennas, antenna 1 and antenna 2 support TDD dual transmission and dual reception, and can transmit / receive diversity.

Faced with a sudden disaster, IFLY's MESH wireless ad hoc network system will quickly build a high-resistance emergency rescue network at the first time of disaster, coordinate various rescue groups, and orderly deploy emergency communication networks to monitor incidents in real time Various situations in the area, and timely notify relevant personnel and report to the command center.

With the above advantages, the MESH wireless ad hoc network system plays an important role in emergency communication occasions. To meet the complex communication needs of large-scale activities such as security patrol, urban anti-terrorism maintenance and stability command, emergency rescue command and dispatch, fire emergency communication command, ship formation shore-sea communication, etc.

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