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These articles are all highly relevant MESH. I believe this information can help you understand MESH's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • The past and present of the ad hoc network of emergency communication


    The advantages of ad hoc network communication are: fast, low-cost networking, high resistance to self-healing, large bandwidth, high-speed mobile communication, ultra-long-distance communication and other advantages.1. ConceptAd hoc network is a combination of mobile communication and computer netw Read More
  • IFLY's MESH Forest Fire Emergency Command Communication | Broadband MESH Ad Hoc Network Solution


    demand analysis Forest fire is the most dangerous enemy of forest and the most terrible disaster of forestry. It will bring devastating consequences to forest. Moreover, the timing of forest fires is ever-changing, and firefighters are participating in forest firefighting, and the dangers faced a Read More
  • Ad-hoc Network Solution for Military Emergency Operations


    IFLY provides a complete emergency solution for tactical operation in emergency events including ad hoc network equipment, portable command center, and dispatch software.  Read More
  • IFLY's MESH ad hoc network provides emergency command and communication solutions for forest fire prevention


    Demand analysisThe climate in spring is dry, and it is the high season for forest fires. Forest fires often occur in remote areas with trees and complex terrain, and it is difficult for conventional 4G networks to effectively cover them. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the problem of poor communicat Read More
  • MESH wireless ad hoc network system


    The pioneer of wireless ad hoc network technology-AdHoc network first appeared in the 1970s, mainly used for military communications. AdHoc network is a special wireless communication network, which can be quickly and automatically networked without relying on any pre-built network facilities, and h Read More
  • What are the differences between Mesh and WiFi


    A wireless mesh network is also called a "multi-hop" network. It is a new wireless network technology based on the traditional wireless network. Wireless mesh network is a new network structure based on multi-hop routing and peer-to-peer network technology. It has the characteristics of mobile broad Read More
  • MESH wireless network advantages


    Mentioning the mesh wireless network will make many people feel unfamiliar. Today, I will introduce to you what is a mesh wireless network and what are the advantages of a mesh wireless network.A wireless mesh network is a wireless access network technology that has developed rapidly in recent years Read More
  • Introduction of Mesh wireless ad hoc network equipment in emergency deployment and control of major urban events


    With the rapid development of China's science and technology and economy, the state and society's needs for the emergency communications industry are growing stronger, and their technical and functional requirements are becoming higher and higher. In the current social environment where various emer Read More
  • Private Network Emergency Communication System | IFLY's MESH Wireless Ad Hoc Network System


    Private network communication refers to services such as emergency communications, command dispatch, and daily work communications for public safety, transportation, energy, industry and commerce, etc. Proprietary and exclusive communication system built mainly to meet command and dispatch.IFLY's Me Read More
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