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MESH wireless network advantages

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Mentioning the mesh wireless network will make many people feel unfamiliar. Today, I will introduce to you what is a mesh wireless network and what are the advantages of a mesh wireless network.

A wireless mesh network is a wireless access network technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is a multi-hop, centerless, self-organizing wireless network. Therefore, it can also be called multi-hop network, infrastructure-free network, or ad hoc network. Its biggest feature is that the entire network has no fixed infrastructure. Each node is mobile and can dynamically maintain contact with other nodes. 


Generally, the advantages of a wireless mesh network include the following 5 points:

1. Rapid networking: APs in wireless mesh networks other than MPP do not need to use network cables, which can save the time occupied by wiring and greatly reduce the network engineering time.

2. High cost performance: Only MPP in a wireless mesh network needs to use a network cable to connect to the network. Other devices can access the network through wireless connection. This greatly reduces the total cost of ownership and installation time. This alone brings The cost savings are substantial.

3. Wide application areas: Wireless Mesh networks support point-to-multipoint, point-to-point, roaming, and MESH ad hoc networks according to the characteristics of the device. It can be widely used in forest fire prevention, virgin forests, rivers and lakes, mining areas, drones, and robots. , Pipelines, large industrial areas, roads, power plants, power, fire protection, public security, vehicles, ship enforcement and other fixed and mobile point monitoring.

4. High reliability: In a traditional WLAN network, if an AP's uplink wired link fails, all clients on the AP will not be able to access the WLAN network. However, if a certain AP fails in the wireless mesh network, the information is transmitted by other routers through the backup path. This can effectively avoid single points of failure.

5. Strong scalability: AP devices in a wireless mesh network can automatically connect to nearby AP points through wireless induction. If you want to add AP points in the network, you only need to install the new node in an appropriate position and perform the corresponding action The configuration is fine.

The MESH wireless network is a very advanced technology. It not only has the general wireless network characteristics, but also has multi-hop, self-organization and other characteristics. It is known as the next generation wireless Internet. For more knowledge of MESH wireless bridge, please consult IFLY customer service staff, we will provide you with more detailed answers.

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