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Private Network Emergency Communication System | IFLY's MESH Wireless Ad Hoc Network System

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Private network communication refers to services such as emergency communications, command dispatch, and daily work communications for public safety, transportation, energy, industry and commerce, etc. Proprietary and exclusive communication system built mainly to meet command and dispatch.

IFLY's Mesh wireless ad hoc network system is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with a new "wireless mesh network" concept. All nodes of the system can realize real-time interaction of multi-channel multimedia information such as voice, data, and images under the condition of non-line-of-sight and fast movement, using a distributed network architecture without a central ad hoc network. At the same time, the system supports any network topology, and each node device can move randomly and quickly. The system topology can be quickly changed and updated without affecting system transmission. The overall system is convenient to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

System advantages

Without a central network, it can be flexibly deployed on demand, without the need for infrastructure such as computer rooms and transmission networks. It can arbitrarily set up a network, and it can expand the coverage by multi-hop relay networking.

Private network dedicated, wireless transmission link without any link costs or traffic costs.

Support hierarchical grouping and roaming networking to achieve expansion of system communication capacity.

With frequency hopping function, it can effectively improve the anti-interference and anti-tracking capabilities; the digital filter function is introduced to effectively suppress remote interference. At the same time, the ARQ transmission mechanism is used to reduce the loss rate of data transmission and improve the reliability of data transmission.

Data transparent transmission supports non-differentiated transparent transmission of various business data. With broadband transmission capabilities, it can support multimedia services such as clear voice, broadband data and high-definition video.

The image has adaptive adjustment capabilities, which fully guarantees the continuity and smoothness of data, video and other services.

Using COFDM technology, strong anti-multipath capability.

Using dual antennas, antenna 1 and antenna 2 support TDD dual transmission and dual reception, and can transmit / receive diversity.

Application field

The wireless mesh self-organizing network system can meet a variety of complex communication needs, such as security patrols for large-scale activities, urban anti-terrorism and stability command, rescue and rescue command and dispatch, fire emergency communication command, and ship formation shore-to-sea communication. , Petroleum, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, marine and air communications sectors.

System Characteristics

Centerless Ad hoc Network

Mesh wireless ad hoc network system is a centerless frequency system, all nodes are equal, single frequency support with TDD two-way communication, simple frequency management, high frequency utilization. Any node device can be used as an end node, relay node, or command node in the network. At any time, any place, without relying on any other fixed communication network facilities (such as optical fiber, copper cable, etc.), you can quickly establish a wireless communication network. All non-center co-frequency self-organizing network devices, including outdoor fixed stations, vehicle-mounted stations, and single-armed portable stations, can be automatically formed into a wireless mesh network by simply turning on the power and communicating with each other in real time.

High reliability

The wireless Mesh ad hoc network mobile base station is designed with military standards: it is easy to carry, rugged, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for various harsh environments, and quickly deployed to meet emergency site communication needs. If the uplink of a certain AP fails in a traditional WLAN network, all clients on the AP cannot access the WLAN network. Wireless Mesh has the characteristics of self-organizing network and self-repair. Therefore, AP nodes in a Mesh network usually have multiple available links, which can effectively avoid a single point of failure.

Strong mobility

The place where the emergency occurs is very uncertain, and the scene of the event is volatile, so it is necessary to set up a temporary portable base station on site according to the occurrence of the emergency. The on-site portable base station is temporary, it is established as the scene appears, and it is withdrawn after the event.

Quick deployment

In the face of emergencies, how to timely, accurately, quickly and deeply grasp the real-time dynamic information on the scene of the incident plays a vital role in determining whether commanders at all levels can make correct judgments and make operational determinations. Wireless Mesh self-organizing high-performance portable base stations adopt single-frequency networking to strive to simplify field configuration and deployment difficulty to the greatest extent, and meet the requirements of front-line combatants for rapid network construction and zero configuration under emergency conditions.

Non-line-of-sight transmission (NLOS)

Using Mesh ad hoc network technology, NLOS configuration can be easily realized. Its automatic relay feature can easily achieve beyond-horizon transmission. The signal can automatically select the best path to continuously jump from one node to another node, and finally arrives without direct vision. Distance from the target node. Key technologies for solving the "last mile" problem in various fields.

High data bandwidth moves fast

The peak data bandwidth of Mesh wireless ad hoc network system is 28Mbps. Nodes have non-fixed mobile transmission capabilities, and fast movement does not affect high data bandwidth services, such as voice, data, and video services will not be affected by rapid changes in system topology and high-speed terminal movements.


The system also has multiple encryption methods such as group encryption (working frequency, carrier bandwidth, communication distance, networking mode, MESHID, etc.), channel encryption, and source encryption. It is dedicated to the private network and can effectively prevent illegal equipment intrusion and transmission. Information is intercepted and cracked to ensure a high degree of network and information security.

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