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IFLY VHF Tactical Manpack Radios

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For missions requiring reliable, long-range communications equipment, IFLY has developed the Defensor-BM3. It is a VHF tactical manpack radio. It is designed to meet the demanding security requirements of emergency communication worldwide. It builds a safe and stable emergency long range communication network without any other infrastructure, helps commanders to take full control of the on-site situation timely. 

It's not only applicable to natural disasters but also can provide reliable communication network for major event security, mega sport events, forest rescue and other scenes. 

This radio utilizes the mobile ad-hoc network technology and simulcast technology to embed many advanced features that used to require separate components, wire connection and infrastructure.

Tactical Manpack Radios

Advanced Features

1. Automatic Link Establishment

Mobile Ad hoc Network

Each manpack radio can automatic estabilish a link with others at any time. And the whole communication network will continuously adapt its topology as nodes move in relation to one another. This means there are no central "master" hub radios required to administer control of the network, and communications will continue to persist even when one or more nodes loss connection.

2. High Security Level

Regarding to the encryption and security, all the voice, txt message transmission and data acquisition are transmitted via the private ad-hoc network. The network is based on IFLY own developed modulation and demodulation mechanism. No people can hack attack the network to eavesdrop the audio or data. The adhoc network is your private owned network.

3. Rapid Deployment for Immediate Action

The manpack radio can be well prepared within 1min:

1.Assemble antenna------2. Fix the battery-------3. Fix the back pack------------4. Press Power on

Rapid Deployment Radios

Defensor-BM3 is designed with light weight and big capacity battery. It is ideal for highly mobile networking during emergency actions in place without any infrastructure.

4. Self-powered and Continuous Working for 31hours

The battery for Defensor-BM3 is removable type. It can be quickly replaced by a fullly charged battery.

Battery Capacity: 16Ah

Continuous Working: 31hours

Assamble Battery


Frequency 136-174/350-390/400-470Mhz
Modulation 4FSK/FFSK
RF Power 2-25watts adjustable
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) -118dBm
Bit Rate 1.2kbps
Dimension 260*15851.5mm
Battery Life 31hours
Weight 3kg


IFLY is the high tech company engaged in manufacturing of telecommunication equipment in China. We are producing high quality ruggedized emergency communication radios to be used in harsh environment such as dense jungles, mountains and Public security. Commercial products and versions for use by civil Telecommunications operators and civil organization.

Defensor-BM3 is a manpack base station, which integrated the funtions of base station and terminals for network coverage, data relay, clear audio and data sending and receiving in a miniature package. It is special designed for urgent tactical operation with fast and freely moving in emergency events.

Once the disaster or special event happend, IFLY manpack radio can help your team get quick communicating across response efforts and business operations.

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