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  • Digital Military Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater


    Today's public safety, security forces and emergency rescue demands advanced technologies that quickly bringing order to chaos with rapidly changing mission needs. When special events happend, first responders must be able to communicate during an emergency, reliably and without any security threats. That's why IFLY focuse on developing a strong anti-damage, secure and reliable tactical communications solutions. IFLY MANET communication radios deliver a resilient communication network that connects all devices—handheld, manpack repeater, solar powered base stations and command dispatcher platform. Rugged, compact and lightweight, our wirless Ad-hoc network system is engineered for today's disaster rescue site. They are also built on simulcast technologies, which are battle-tested and customer-proven for mission-critical communications. Read More
  • Solar Powered VHF and UHF Tactical Radio Repeaters


    IFLY Solar Powered VHF Radio Repeater(Defensor-BL8) merge MANET Technology with Radio. It solves many problems that today's wireless radio repeaters face. IFLY Defensor-BL8 is a industrial grade and portable solar powered repeater for VHF land mobile, VHF Marine & Aviation and remote mountain-top sites for covering a self-healing, mobile and flexible network. It wireless connects individual radio units and other IFLY bodyworn radio repeaters through a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)based mesh topology to relay tactical clear audio and GPS data in an emergency disaster rescue or special event. Read More
  • IFLY VHF Tactical Manpack Radios


    For missions requiring reliable, long-range communications equipment, IFLY has developed the Defensor-BM3. It is a VHF tactical manpack radio. It is designed to meet the demanding security requirements of emergency communication worldwide. It builds a safe and stable emergency long range communication network without any other infrastructure, helps commanders to take full control of the on-site situation timely. Read More
  • IP Mesh Solutions for UAV and UGV


    IFLY IP Mesh Solutions is sepcial designed for nonline-of-sight tele-robotics missions in harsh urban environments and remote locations, and it will equips your teams with reliable bi-directional UGV communication for highspeed data and high-resolution video transfers in unpredictable environments. Read More
  • What kind of radios do the military use?


    IFLY Defensor System rapidly create MANET as an optimal solution for troops in a big area such as remote mountins, desert or dense jungles where GSM LTE coverage is 0 and no any fixed infrastructure. Read More
  • IFLY Two Way Radios VS DMR and TETRA


    IFLY Defensor system integrated the digital simulcast technology with ad-hoc network, which supply clear audio, IFLY Defensor system integrated the digital simulcast technology with ad-hoc network, which enables the system to extend coverage any time, any where. Read More
  • MESH wireless ad hoc network system


    The pioneer of wireless ad hoc network technology-AdHoc network first appeared in the 1970s, mainly used for military communications. AdHoc network is a special wireless communication network, which can be quickly and automatically networked without relying on any pre-built network facilities, and h Read More
  • Smart hotel wireless intercom system solution


    With the continuous development of the hotel format, the hotel management also puts forward new requirements for communication within the hotel, requiring no blind spots, no interference, and clear voice. The hotel's welcome, reception, rooms, catering, security, and logistics can all Communicate an Read More
  • Fire communication support for the forest fire site in Liangshan, Sichuan


    After the Liangshan forest fire, the Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps immediately started the emergency communication cross-region linkage guarantee mechanism, flexibly applied the four dispatch modes of nearby, orchestration, laddering, and precision. The fighters, as well as 11 dynamic (static) Zhongtong Read More
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