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Smart hotel wireless intercom system solution

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With the continuous development of the hotel format, the hotel management also puts forward new requirements for communication within the hotel, requiring no blind spots, no interference, and clear voice. The hotel's welcome, reception, rooms, catering, security, and logistics can all Communicate anytime and anywhere in the hotel. Improving the working efficiency of hotel employees, increasing customer satisfaction with smart hotels, and creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for guests staying in the hotel, this puts forward new requirements for professional communication equipment in the future smart hotel industry.


Wireless Intercom System Overview: Smart Hotel

The wireless intercom system has the characteristics of flexible maneuverability, easy operation, fast voice transmission, and economical use. It is the basic means for realizing production scheduling automation and modernization of management. Due to the complex structure of the hotel and the influence of electronic equipment, the intercom signal cannot reach all areas in the project, especially the basement, fire exits, elevators and other areas.

The construction of wireless intercom system will bring great convenience to the management of security, engineering, cleaning, guest rooms and other departments. It can efficiently and promptly handle all kinds of emergencies and minimize the possible losses. The wireless intercom of the whole project, especially in the event of an emergency, has a coverage system that can be used everywhere. As soon as it is called, it can quickly organize dispatchers to carry out work such as escape, rescue and rescue, and effectively implement emergency plans. Therefore, the wireless intercom coverage system is an indispensable hardware device for this project.

When the intercoms cannot communicate due to the long distance or the building is blocked, the base station can relay the intercom signals to different frequencies, and then send the signals through the indoor antenna distribution system, thereby expanding the communication distance between the intercoms; After using the base station, it will overcome the blocking and shielding of the wireless signal caused by the building structure and environment, so that the signal can penetrate from the above-ground floor to the underground floor, play the role of relay communication, and achieve no blind spots in the hotel.

System signal coverage method:

The most prominent feature of smart hotel coverage is wide coverage, high coverage requirements, signal strength cannot exceed the standard, and high installation environment requirements.

In the building, the indoor omnidirectional antenna + radio frequency coaxial cable coverage method is adopted, so that the coverage range of the indoor antenna as the end of the network is interlocked, and a large signal coverage network is composed of multiple small areas.

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