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4G LTE Portable Emergency Command System

Model: Patron-P10

It is a Portable Emergency Command System highly integrates baseband processing unit(BBU), Remote Radio Unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) and multimedia dispatch, quickly deploy the on-site LTE emergency network, provides rich services LTE-based such as professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation etc. It is widely adopted in emergency treatment sectors such as forest fire protection, fire emergency, earthquake disaster rescue, production safety, government affairs network blind spots coverage. The system supports various backhaul modes such as satellite, Mesh, optical fiber, microwave and public network etc.
  • Patron-P10

Product Description

Product Highlights

Emergency Combat Command System

High-level integration and wide, flexible coverage

Patron-P10 integrates baseband processing unit(BBU), remote radio unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) and multimedia dispatch.

Provides LTE-based services, professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation etc,.

Only one unit can cover an area upto 50 square km

Fast deployment for first responders and wide environmental adaptability

Compact and portable enclosure design allows operators to rapid build a wireless network within 15minutes for emergency response.

One-press Startup, does not require additional configuration

Diverse Terminal Range

Supports Trunking handheld, manpack device, UAV, portable dome camera, intelligent glasses, etc.

4G LTE emergency command systemEasy to Operate

With display, modify transmitted power and working frequency through rotating the knobs. Support PAD dispatch console.

Highly adaptive

IP67 water and dust proof, high shock resistance performance, -40°C~+55°C operating temperature. 

Rich Services

Support professional trunking voice, video transferring, video forwarding, text message, media message, GIS location, audio/video record and playback, etc.


Parameters Specification
Model Patron-P10

400Mhz: 400Mhz-430Mhz

600Mhz: 566Mhz-626Mhz, 626Mhz-678Mhz

1.4Ghz: 1477Mhz-1467Mhz

1.8Ghz: 1785Mhz-1805Mhz

Bands from 400MHz to 6GHz available

Channel Bandwidth 5Mhz/10Mhz/15Mhz/20Mhz
Technology TD-LTE
Time Slot Ratio Support 1:3, 2:2, 3:1
Transmitted Power ≤30W
Number of Paths 2 paths, 2T2R
Data Rate 50/100Mbps
Transmission Port

IP Ethernet Port

Clock Synchronization Mode GPS
System Throughput 1Gbps
Time Delay <300ms
Max. User Number 1000
Max. Online PTT Call Number 200
Power Supply Integrated Battery: 4-6 Hours
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -50℃~+70℃
Air Pressure Range 70~106 kPa

Dust and Water Resistance



Dimension 580*440*285mm


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