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TD-LTE Distributed Base Station Remote Radio Unit (RRU)

Model: RRU2T

Remote radio unit(RRU) frequency options are 400Mhz, 600Mhz, 1.4Ghz and 1.8Ghz. One or more RRU2T connected with BBU through the optical fiber, which comprise the whole eNodeB, to achieve the wireless data transmission of the covered areas. The RRU2T can be mounted onto a pole, stand or concrete wall. It also can be installed close to antennas to shorted the feeder length, reduce feeder loss, and improve system coverage. RRUs modulate and demodulate baseband and RF signals, process data, amplify power, and detect standing wavs.

The new generation RRUs, adapting to a variety of scenarios, set a new record in raising the power amplifier efficiency. With the minimum volume and weight in the industry, the new generation products can help operators quickly and flexibly construct a low-cost, high-performance and converged 2G/3G/4G mobile communication network.

Product Description

Product Features

➢High Output Power

2*40W high output power supports multi-mode large capacity. Full working bandwidth can help operators with dispersed spectrum save half of the RF modules and feeders. 2T2R receiving and transmitting ways can enhance significantly the uplink coverage and performance, reduce effectively the mobile transmit power and extend mobile standby time.

LTE Remote Radio Unit

➢High Performance 2T2R RRU

One single RRU can support 2x2 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology for quick and easy installation.

➢Frequency Band

400Mhz/600Mhz, 1.4Ghz and 1.8Ghz

Small Size and Light Weight

The RRU2T has simple structure and samll volume, which is easy for site acquisition and fast for installation


Model RRU2T
Frequency 400Mhz/600Mhz/1.4Ghz/1.8Ghz
Channel Bandwidth 5MHz/10Mhz/20Mhz
Transmitted Power 40W/Channel
Number of Channels 2
Network Interface

Two fiber ports

One Ethernet port

Maximum Power Consumption <390W
Power AC220V/DC48V
IP Grade IP65
Operating Temperature -40℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%
Size 425*220*130mm
Weight 12kg


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