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Police Clusters PDT Digital Trunking Communication System

Model: FBS-2800

Duel-mode base station and high safety level FBS-2800 is a set of the portable digital trunking communication system in conformity with police PDT Digital Trunking Standard and PDT, DMR and MPT standards, supportting conventional transit, IP interconnection, co-frequency simulcast, trunking and trunking simulcast.

The performance of the product is table, reliable and safe, with its mobile, flexible and convenient installation and the extension of its functions. At the time of overall upgrade from analog to digital of professional wireles communication, it provides users with brand new digital communication experience. FBS-2800 has been successfully applied in the public securitys 350 million digital trunking projects around the world.

Product Description

Product Highlights

➢Advanced Network Technology

FBS-2800 digital trunking system, following the PDT digital trunking communication system standard, with its core network being in line with the DMR and MPT standard and combined with the professional trunking features, is designed as an unique entire network and entire IP soft switch control system.

High Call Quality

The portable PDT Base station system adopts advanced digital voice codec technology to make users hear more clearly in a noisy environment and even keep a clear voice in poorer wireless signals through filtering the digital channel coding and vocoder and restraining the noise of the voice communication.

➢High Visualized Dispatch and Command Efficiency

FBS-2800 system provides multimedia dispatch application including voice, SMS, GPS and alarm, and sends SMS, facilitating the command center to command, dispatch and manage the first responders on-site.

Key Features

➢330 degree rotation handle design for easy carrying during critical missions or emergency rescue operation.

➢Built-in antenna system for easy installation.

➢Built-in 30Ah large capacity battery (optional).

➢Support group calling, single calling, full calling, priority calling and emergency calling.

➢Support short messages, status information, and data packet.

➢Provide abundant dispatching functions,including voice, recording, positioning and alarming.


Communication ModePDT/DMR/MPT
Operation ModeTMO/DMO/RMO



Networking ModeSingle frequency and dual frequency ad-hoc network
TopologyChain, MESH, Tree and hybrid
Transmit Power≤50W
IP GrateIP67
Power Supply30000mAh lithium battery/220V AC power adapter

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