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Wireless Communications LTE Baseband Unit (BBU)

Model: BBU3600

It is IFLY's new-generation LTE TDD BBU achieves the baseband processing functions of LTE air interface, which can connect multiple RRUs at one time, to realize the function of distributed base stations. Besides, BBU supplies the functions of S1, X2 interfaces, clock synchronization interface, RRU digital baseband interface and so on, to carry out the exchange between internal data and external communication data. The optical fiber of digital baseband signal is adopted for the radio remote between BBU and RRU.

Product Description

Product Features

➢Provides S1 ports for communication between an E-UTRAN NodeB(eNodeB) and an MME/S-GW, and X2 ports for ➢Communication between eNodeBs. E-UTRAN is short for evolved universal terrestrial radio access network

➢Compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT with the industry's maximum processing capacity.

➢Realize the elastic capacity of wireless network and open Interface, enables localization of innovative business

➢Supports C-RAN, D-RAN, and flexible networking.

➢Manages the entire base station system in terms of operation, maintenance, signaling processing and system clock

➢Low power consumption, stable performance

Baseband Processing Unit

➢Simple structure, small volume

➢Powerful network management system, intuitive interface

➢Support flexible capacity configuration, modularized design

➢Provides physical ports for information exchange between the base station and the transport network

➢Process uplink and downlink baseband signals and provides common public radio interface for communiation with the RF modules

➢Providing ports for receiving and transmitting signal from monitoring devices


Number of Supported Cells 36cells
Installing Type 19inch rack/hanging wall installation
Uplink/Downlink Peak Data Rate

DL: 600Mbps

UP: 450Mbps

Network Interface ≥2
Maximum Power Consumption 235W
Registered User Number for Single Base Sation ≥1200
Power AC220V/DC48V
Operating Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%
Size 132.6*482.6*197mm
Weight 10kg

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