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Digital Military Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater

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IFLY Defensor-BP5 tactical portable radios enhance interoperability between military and public safety forces. It provides end users with Mobile ad-hoc networks for a self-healing, mobile and flexible network.

For emergency rescue team or military troops on-the-move who require better flexibility, easy to carry and rapid deployment in their operations and tactical communications.


IFLY provides tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Network Base Station to meet their demand.

Portable VHF Repeaters

IFLY Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Network Portable Repeater-Defensor-BP5

What Kind of Communication Radios Does Emergency People Use?

MOBILE armies or rescue teams need mobile communications. Those communications not only must be secure from eavesdropping but also need to be uninterruptible. That is a big problem. As you know any mobile communication networks (such as mobile-phone towers, or normal DMR base station or TETRA base station) operate via hubs. Once the hub is destroyed by people or accident or disaster, the whole network will be destroyed.


1. Radios for Emergency Events Must be Strong Anti-damage Ability With Self-healing

Defensor-BP5 is the ruggedized solution for rapidly deploying a resilient network able to relay transmissions via the best available traffic path and frequency in real-time. Defensor-BP5 is the most advanced multi-radio nodes, and are easily installed to seamlessly scale a Mesh network to any number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.


2. Rapid Deployment and Easy to Carry for Emergency Rescue and Fast Moving

Defensor-BP5 is Robustly featured, portable type for users on the move, adopting Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (‘MANET’) for the transfer of data between moving groups of devices with to meet long range, good mobility and availability demands of urgent disaster rescue response and military communications application.

Tactical Radio Links

3. Higher Level of Communication Security

IFLY use their own modulation and mechanism and supports customized encryption for the audio communication. By the way, each handheld radio is encrypted by IFLY own algorithm of the vocoder to avoid the hacher to monitor the audio.



  • Use the same frequency for system-wide communication

  • One frequency for 3-chnnels for chatting

  • End to end latency 30ms

  • Adopt portable type, radiation-proof and IP67grade design to protect against radiation and complex environment.

  • No limit on quantity of devices to create chain or mesh networks. Any device can join in the network to extend the coverage.

  • Use the high-capacity lithium battery for 18 hours of continuous operation

     - Takes only three hours to fully charge the battery with the fast charging technology

     - Supports DC12V/DC48V/AC220V for charging

  • Easy to operation: Push to start without complex configuration before using.

  • Automatically create the network after power-on



Today's public safety, security forces and emergency rescue demands advanced technologies that quickly bringing order to chaos with rapidly changing mission needs. When special events happend, first responders must be able to communicate during an emergency, reliably and without any security threats. That's why IFLY focuse on developing a strong anti-damage, secure and reliable tactical communications solutions. IFLY MANET communication radios deliver a resilient communication network that connects all devices—handheld, manpack repeater, solar powered base stations and command dispatcher platform. Rugged, compact and lightweight, our wirless Ad-hoc network system is engineered for today's disaster rescue site. They are also built on simulcast technologies, which are battle-tested and customer-proven for mission-critical communications.

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