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IFLY Two Way Radios VS DMR and TETRA

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IFLY Defensor system integrated the digital simulcast technology with ad-hoc network, which supply clear audio, seamless roaming and simple operation for emergency critical comunication. It enables the system to extend coverage any time, any where. As long as the portable base station arrives where signal is week, it will automatically join the network with power-on.

DMR and TETRA are very popular mobile radios for two way audio communictation. In the following table, In terms of networking methods, we made a comparison between IFLY Ad-hoc network system and DMR and TETRA. So that you can choose the suitable system for your variety application.

IFLY Ad-hoc two way RadiosDMR or TETRA Radios 
Fixed InfrastructureNo NeedRequired
Latency for initiating a callAs quick as regular walkie-talkiesThe call is initiated by the control channel. The latency is longer.
Anti-damage ability


1. The system doesnt rely on any wired link or fixed infrastructure.

2. Connection between each device is wireless.

3. Each devices are powered by built-in battery.

So the whole system has strong anti-damage ability


1. The hardware is complex 

2. The system's operation relys on wired links. 

3. Once the infrastructure is destroyed by disaster. The system will not work normally. 

so its anti-damage ability is weak.


1. No need wired switch 

2. Adopts air wireless switch

Switch is required
CoverageBecause the base station adopts mirroring technology, the rf is cross-radiated. Therefore, the system has a better coverage with fewer blind spotsMore blind spots
Expansion capacityExpand the capacity without limitationLimited expansion: Limited by frequency or other factors
Centerless ad hoc networkYesNo
HardwareSimple structure, light weight and small sizeComplex structure and big size
Sensitivity-126dBmDMR: -120dbm
Hot backupMultiple base stations can be used in parallel for mutual hot backupNot support directly performing hot backup
Fast DeploymentYesNo

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