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  • IFLY's MESH ad hoc network provides emergency command and communication solutions for forest fire prevention


    Demand analysisThe climate in spring is dry, and it is the high season for forest fires. Forest fires often occur in remote areas with trees and complex terrain, and it is difficult for conventional 4G networks to effectively cover them. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the problem of poor communicat Read More
  • How to help first-responders keep a smooth communication with during a wildfires?


    For forestfire protection, one of the biggest challenges to the firefighters is communication. How to help fire fighters to set up a stable and instant network? In this article, we will introduce the chanllenges and solution that the communiction system has in fire protection. Read More
  • Rapidly-Deployable Broadband Wireless Communication Networks for Disaster and Emergency Response


    The goal of this paper is to find out a suitable disaster relief wireless network system for disaster rescue application. Read More
  • Testing Report: UHF 800Mhz/1.4Ghz Quadrotor Video COFDM Transmitter for 16km Wireless Communication


    FPM-8416 is a video wireless transmitter for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems to supply communication between the UAVs and the ground control station (GCS) Read More
  • Case Study No1: Using Drone’s 16km Long Range PFV System for real-time information at traffic hotspots


    From this case study know the new way to monitor traffic in the wold and updated the traffic management system Read More
  • How To Resolve Drones FPV Video Transmitter’s Interference Problem


    Read this article to know how To Resolve Drones FPV Video Transmitter’s Interference Problem and updated with the advanced long range FPV video links. Read More
  • Can UAV Video Transmitter Do Time-lapse Photography?


    Since the purchase cost and the threshold of image seizing technology have been greatly lowered, UAV video transmitter has been gradually applied in the fields of news media photography, geographic mapping, land and engineering development, environmental protection, ecological conservation and so on Read More
  • Drones, Infrared Detector and Video Transmitter For Smart Wildlife Conservation


    The significance of monitoring wildlife is to know the status and changes of wildlife populations, provide the necessary information on wild animals quantity and habitat status, develop management strategies, assess the value and master the status of wildlife resources. The current problems in wildlife surveillance are lack of professionals, short of long-term accumulation of basic data on resources and environment and insufficient investment in wildlife distribution key areas and protected areas. Read More
  • The Application and Prospect of UAV in the Field of Power Inspection


    The regular inspection of power lines is a vital task for the power grid operation and maintenance management department. Now days, Using UAV mounted long range real time video downlinks to do the inspection is a advanced way to achieve high efficiency. Read More
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