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Can UAV Video Transmitter Do Time-lapse Photography?

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Since the purchase cost and the threshold of image seizing technology have been greatly lowered, UAV video transmitter has been gradually applied in the fields of news media photography, geographic mapping, land and engineering development, environmental protection, ecological conservation and so on. With familiar functions of UAV video transmitter, time-lapse photography has become one of its most popular functions.

Here is the content list:

1.What Is UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography?

2.How Does UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography Work?

3.What Can UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography Do?

What Is UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography?

Wireless video transmitter is a kind of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) aerial platform as the air, with airborne remote sensing equipment, such as high resolution CCD digital camera, optical optical camera, infrared scanners, magnetic conductivity meter, etc., through the computer access to information, image information processing, and made into the image according to a certain precision requirements, and use wireless video transmitter for transmission.

The whole long-range wireless video transmitter system has outstanding features in terms of design and optimization combination. It is a new application technology integrating high-altitude shooting, telemetry, video image microwave transmission and computer image information processing.

A long-range wireless video transmitter takes a set of photos or video, and later uses the series of photos or video to extract frames, which can compress the process of minutes, hours or even days or years into a short time and play it in video mode. In a UAV video transmitter's time-lapse photography video, the slow change of objects or objects is compressed into a short period of time, presenting a strange and wonderful scene that is not normally perceived by the naked eye. Time-lapse photography with COFDM UAV video and data links can be a process that is opposite with high-speed photography. Time-lapse photography of UAV video transmitter is usually applied to shooting urban landscape, natural landscape, astronomical phenomena, urban life, architectural manufacturing, biological evolution and other themes.

How Does UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography Work?

Under normal circumstances, we take advantage of cameras, mobile phones and other shooting pieces, tripod to fix the body, and utilize the timing shutter, we can get a set of several pictures of delayed photography, and then import tools for editing and output. Similarly, with the stability of the UAV's hover, we can transmit images with COFDM UAV video and data links after continuous shooting in the air, which can also bring fixed-point aerial video source materials.

1.Lock the focus

Focus is locked to ensure that changes in focus distance or distance affect the level of clarity when shooting with an UAV communication solutions. This is especially important in UAV video transmitter's time-lapse photography, where the subject of the scene must stick to the focus of clear form, or else the effect of time-lapse photography will be directly affected.

2.Lock exposure parameters

The goal of targeting that exposure is to stick with both brightness and darkness of the whole UAV video transmitter's picture, without presenting too large amount of incongruity. When shooting, use the manual mode to fix the exposure parameters, so that the exposure parameters of UAV communication solutions will not change with the change of other elements.

3.Avoid external influences 

Because of the aerial vehicle's head camera, UAV video transmitter can achieve a stabilizing effect during shooting and prevent the shaking of delayed images. However, in the process of time-lapse photography of UAV video transmitter, you cannot ignore the influence of the wind in the environment or of external forces that are moving along.

What Can UAV Video Transmitter Time-lapse Photography Do?

1.Day and night shift

Time-lapse photography of UAV video transmitter can show the rapid changes of time. With the time-lapse photography technique of drone video transmission system, it can record the whole process of about one and a half hours before and after sunset, which brings with it the visual effect of night changing from day to night.

2.Update geographical information

With the gradual deepening of China's reform and opening up, the rapid development of economic building, the geomorphology of various regions get great changes. The existing aerial remote sensing technology cannot meet the needs of economic development. Novice drone video transmission system technology serves the increasingly developing economic construction and cultural undertakings. UAV video transmitter technology, with UAV as an aerial remote sensing platform, is a new application technology that has been developed to meet this need. It can better meet the requirements of China's aerial remote sensing business at the present stage, and bring about updates to old geographical data.

3.Traffic Enforcement

If there is a traffic accident on a highway and there is a serious traffic jam, once the place is a blind spot, the traffic apartment will not be able to make targeted solutions. With an UAV video transmitter, however, that feeling can be easily resolved. The UAV can directly land at the scene of an accident, which enables the traffic police to know the scene at the first time by using wireless video transmitter to bring down the scene of the accident, which facilitates the traffic police to arrange the traffic organization plan in a timely and reasonable manner.

The biggest advantage of using drones in traffic monitoring is that they are able to keep track of the overall situation of traffic jam. In some cases, UAV play a greater role. In case of traffic accidents, wireless video transmitter 's aerial photography fills in the gaps of static road surveillance cameras.

With regard to whether or not UAV video transmitter can take time-lapse pictures, we have got a positive answer. It is not uncommon to see UAV being used in all aspects of life, which brings great convenience to our life. If you want to buy quality UAV video transmitter, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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