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5KM UAV VIDEO & Bi-directional Data Radio Links

Model: FIM-2405

FIM-2405 mini transceiver is a new designed OFDM wireless communication equipment based on military standard for UAVs. It adopts H.264 technology + H.265's Algorithms video compression technology to achieve Utra-high resolution(1080P) video and bi-directional data transmitting simultaneously with low delay(15-30ms) for 5km range.
  • FIM-2405

Product Description

5km FPV Video Transmitter

➢ Video compression H.264 technology + H.265's Algorithms

➢ Dual Built-in encoder/decoder

➢ HDMI and IP Camera interface

➢ HD video and Telemetry receiver

➢ Built to enable controlling and transmitting

➢ Drone Communication and Video Processing

➢ Bi-Directional Data Link Supporting Simultaneous HDMI and Digital IP Video Streams

➢ Ethernet interface support TCP/UDP

8km FPV long range video transmitter

➢ Latency 30ms

➢ Video output support HDMI and IP to PC by Ethernet cable

➢ AES Encryption

➢ Frequency 2.402-2.478Ghz adjustable by software

➢ Bandwidth 4Mhz

➢ Sensitivity -100dbm

➢ Serial ports Telemetry MAVLINK/TTL

uav long range video transmitter

➢ CNC technology double aluminum alloy housings featured, good impact resistance and heat dissipation

➢ Conductive anodizing craft improves the integrity of RF signals

➢ Working Temperature: -40℃—+85℃

FIM-2405 Dimension

➢ Overall Dimension: 72.9×47.9x20.3mm

➢ Weight: 93g


Frequency 2.4GHz(2402Mhz-2482MHz)
Error Detection LDPC FEC/Video H.264/265 Super Error Correction
RF Transmitted Power 27dbm (Air to ground 4-6km)
Antenna Gain

TX:Omni antenna  19.6cm  3.5dbi

RX:Omni antenna  19.6cm  3.5dbi

Power Consumption TX: 7Watts
RX: 6Watts
Frequency Bandwidth 4MHz

50-70ms for 1080P60/720P60 video encoding and decoding

Transmission Rate 3Mbps
Receive Sensitivity -100dbm@4Mhz
Video Color Space Default 4:2:0
Antenna 1T 1R
Video Input/output Interface HDMI mini TX/RX, or transform FFC to HDMI-A RX/TX
Video Compressed Format H.264+H.265
Bit Rate Software adjustment, Max 115200bps
Encryption AES 128
Transmission Distance Air to ground 4-6km
Start-up time 25s
Two-way function Support video and duplex data simultaneously
Data Support bi-directional TTL (Voltage:+-13V(RS232), 0~3.3V(TTL)
Power supply DC7- 18V(DC12V Suggested)
Interface HDMI Mini x1
100Mbps Ethernet to RJ45 on Windows × 1
S1 TTL bi-directional serial port x1
Power Input x1
Indicator Light HDMI input/output Status(WL Light)
Signal Strength Indicato( 1, 2, 3)
Connection Status Indicator(5, 6)
Video circuit board Work Indicator(4)
HDMI HDMI mini/Flexible Flat Cable(FFC)
Temperature Range Operating temperature: -40°C ~+ 85°C
Storage temperature: -55°C ~+ 85°C
Metal Case Design CNC technology
Double aluminum alloy shell

Conductive anodizing craft

Dimension 72.9×47.9x20.3mm
Weight Tx: 93g/Rx: 93g

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