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Fire communication support for the forest fire site in Liangshan, Sichuan

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After the Liangshan forest fire, the Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps immediately started the emergency communication cross-region linkage guarantee mechanism, flexibly applied the four dispatch modes of nearby, orchestration, laddering, and precision. The fighters, as well as 11 dynamic (static) Zhongtong and 7 communication pilot vehicles, carrying 17 sets of satellite portable stations, 29 drones, 72 sets of 4G image transmission and more than 800 sets of communication equipment, rushed to Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture Muli County makes every effort to provide emergency communication support for two forest fire fighting battlefields.

Sichuan Liangshan Forest Fire1

Establish an efficient communication system


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Fire and Rescue Bureau Information and Communication Department, the use of command video system, dynamic (static) satellite communication command vehicle, the establishment of the Ministry, provincial and municipal command centers and Xichang, Muli forward command and disaster scene five-level support system .


According to the forward, rearward, and staying group support modes, the front and rear communication personnel are divided into different support groups, their respective functional tasks are clarified, and one communication member of each combat unit is responsible for emergency communication throughout the process, and the operations, duty, operation, and mobility are classified and implemented. , Rotation to ensure efficient and orderly communication.

Sichuan Liangshan Forest Fire2


Adhering to the principle of "wherever combat rescue goes, communication support goes", more than 10 combat communication support units are established based on the distribution of combat power, and each unit clearly defines one commander and one correspondent responsible for communication organization, coordination and liaison, and implementation of instructions .


Comprehensive comprehensive precision guarantee


Using 350 MB digital trunking (PDT), 350 MB conventional mode, satellite telephone, Tianyi intercom, mobile POC and other communication methods, quickly establish a "three-level networking" voice communication system, scientifically divide 350 MB frequency resources for command and dispatch 1. Provide reliable support for operations, and ensure that it works well, does not interfere.

Sichuan Liangshan Forest Fire3


Scientifically select favorable location and terrain, rely on dynamic (static) Zhongtong to establish the front command, implement "two-vehicle support, one main and one backup" to ensure smooth command and dispatch; each combat unit uses 4G individual soldiers, 4G control balls, drones And other equipment to continuously collect and upload images to provide information support for scientific decision-making and command at all levels.


According to the "video + commentary + subtitles" method, real-time shooting images and videos reflect the situation on the scene, and rationally dispatch 19 small drones, 5 drone professional companies, more than 10 rotor or fixed-wing drones in the fire rescue team, and take fixed Carry out on-site investigation and surveying operations at any time by means of duty, team follow-up, etc.

Sichuan Liangshan Forest Fire5


During the support, the mobile communication command vehicle went online for more than 120 hours, and the 4G video transmission achieved uninterrupted transmission. The UAV took off more than 80 times for reconnaissance, produced more than 30 panoramic images, more than 40 fire comparison videos, and infrared thermal imaging. More than 600 small videos were shot.

All parties work together


The emergency communication linkage and coordination mechanism was started as soon as possible. The three major operators in the province and city quickly dispatched personnel and vehicles to provide protection, provide information on site base station damage and signal coverage, mobilize professionals to be on site for disposal, and be on duty; actively coordinate public security, transportation, Meteorological, environmental, and health departments provide emergency communications to guarantee traffic control, road traffic, meteorological information, environmental monitoring, epidemic prevention and control, etc .; establish resource sharing with public security, forest fire protection, emergency management, forest and grass departments, and provide real-time PGIS, orthophotos, panoramas, helicopter reconnaissance videos and other resources, and promptly push the emergency management department, fire rescue department and forward command department; implement the wartime operation and maintenance mechanism, coordinate the five local technical support units to station the headquarters, and then carry out the scene, Ensure the network, maintain equipment, eliminate faults, and ensure the normal and stable operation of various systems (platforms).


Coordinate multiple battlefields


The Sichuan Corps has always adhered to the strictest and most unfavorable conditions, and has always prepared for emergency communications support for more than two battles. During the forest fires in Xichang and Muli, a small-scale forest fire occurred in Mianning, Liangshan and the east of Panzhihua, especially the magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred at 20:23 on April 1. Shiqu Brigade communication team quickly rushed to the scene to investigate, Ganzi The emergency communication detachment of the detachment was dispatched. The emergency communication forces of 19 detachments in the province responded and assembled, quickly launched the "three mechanisms" of emergency communication, and comprehensively applied satellite mobile stations, satellite phones, Beidou active terminals, combat terminal APPs, and individual soldiers. , Mobile phone small video and other means, to spare no effort to ensure cross-regional emergency communications for earthquake rescue.

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