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IP Mesh Solutions for UAV and UGV

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IFLY's MESH radio FD-6100 is 2x2 MIMO Network, which provides a fully featured embeddable tactical TCPIP/UDP and full duplex TTL control data link designed for integration into mobile platforms such as UAV, UGV, armored vehicles and other network systems operating at tactical edge.

IP MESH Module


  • FD-6100 is designed by IFLY based on mature SOC chipset, which is a IP MESH radio offering HD IP video transmission and MIMO capability for high data capacityies

  • 30Mbps data rate

  • FD-6100 is developed based on TD-LTE wireless communication standard, OFDM and 2x2 MIMO technologies. It doesn't rely on any carrier's base station.

  • Supports Ethernet and full duplex TTL data transmission. And the control data transmission is higher priority than the network signal.

  • The Automatic frequency hopping technology for anti-interference greatly reduce system power consumption and size of the module.

  • Self-forming, self-healing mesh architecture

  • Low latency IP communication

  • Support WEBUI for network management and parameters configurable.

IP MESH Data Flow

MeshUltra Hardware Platforms

2x2 Rugged MIMO MESH Radios Board for UGVIFLY MIMO MESH Board

Highly flexible system-on-module, allows rapid adjustment to any customer specific requirements using different optimization strategies: distance, Frequency, throughput, balance in LOS and NLOS scenarios etc.

The 30Mbps High Data Rate IP Mesh radios enable long range, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) unmanned vehicle or robotics operation. IFLY's IP Mesh technology offers a seamless self-forming, self-healing MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) networking features which makes the UGV or UAV delivery video and TTL control data with ultra-low latency, end-to-end encryption even though in the toughest conditions.

It provides all the benefits of standard Mesh with added Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) capabilities for double the data throughput.


Dimension 43.40*45.00*3.00mm
Weight 10g
Power 200mw(200mw-10watts on request)
Frequency Options 800Mhz: 806Mhz-826Mhz
1.4Ghz: 1427.9-1447.9MHz
2.4Ghz: 2401.5-2481.5MHz
Range 500m-10km(depends on the actual environment)
Electrical Level 2.85V voltage domain and compatible with 3V/3.3V level
Control Data Full Duplex TTL
Baud Rate 115200bps
Transmission Mode Pass-through mode
Priority Level

Higher priority than the network port

When the signal transmission is crowed, the control data will be transmitted in priority


  • Drone/robot collaborative networking

  • Stable/real-time/long-distance communication

  • Supports Centerless MESH

  • hd video transmission for NLOS/LOS

  • Swarm/mesh operation

  • Relay/range extension

  • Battlefield data dissemination

  • Law Enforcement

  • UAV/UGV teaming

  • Manned/unmanned teaming

  • Agriculture

  • Infrastructure inspection

  • Border Security


IFLY is a global leader in Tactical Emergency Communication Solution for Military and Government, Tactical IP Mesh Solutions and COFDM video transmission systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and other unmanned vehicle systems. Our mission-critical solutions secure, share and communicate video, voice and data to enable real-time situational awareness in demanding environments.

The FD-6100 will equips your teams with reliable bi-directional UGV communication for highspeed data and high-resolution video transfers in unpredictable environments. 

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