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Emergency communication system

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  • Application of wireless emergency communication system in urban disease prevention and control center


    The construction of the urban emergency prevention and control center's health emergency information communication guarantee system has realized the exchange of information between different provincial and municipal health emergency command centers, and played an important role in responding to publ Read More
  • How to deploy emergency communications for large emergencies?


    Around 7:15 pm on March 7, the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian, China collapsed suddenly. After the collapse accident, the emergency management department immediately started an emergency response, dispatched a fire rescue team to the scene to carry out rescue, and dispatched and guided the local a Read More
  • IFLY Communication System Help Coronavirus Prevention and Control In China


    As the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak in Wuhan. IFLY Emergency Communication Systems Help Prevent and Control Coronavirus in China. Read More
  • Private Network Emergency Communication System | IFLY's MESH Wireless Ad Hoc Network System


    Private network communication refers to services such as emergency communications, command dispatch, and daily work communications for public safety, transportation, energy, industry and commerce, etc. Proprietary and exclusive communication system built mainly to meet command and dispatch.IFLY's Me Read More
  • Emergency communication, wireless video surveillance solution


    How to deal with sudden natural disasters has always been a topic of constant research in all countries of the world. From the development of emergency equipment to the establishment of emergency departments, they have different characteristics in different eras. Today, the use of wireless emergency Read More
  • Features of 4G mobile communication technology and its application in emergency communication at fire site


    1 The basic composition and characteristics of 4G mobile communication technology Read More
  • Analysis on the Application of Video Conference in Government Visualization Emergency Command


    Public safety and public services are a very challenging task for government agencies. How to use limited resources effectively, How to improve the government's ability to respond quickly to emergencies and resist risks, and how to provide citizens with faster emergency assistance services, is incre Read More

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