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Emergency communication, wireless video surveillance solution

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How to deal with sudden natural disasters has always been a topic of constant research in all countries of the world. From the development of emergency equipment to the establishment of emergency departments, they have different characteristics in different eras. Today, the use of wireless emergency communication systems is a major trend in emergency rescue operations. So, what kind of emergency communication systems are used in the world in recent years?

Disaster emergency




In fact, the emergency communication system is not only used in disaster relief operations, but also in the face of some temporary large-scale activities and actions, the emergency communication system can also play its unique functions.


Advantages of the emergency communication system:




1, no wiring, simple installation, local conditions, suitable for a variety of environments.

2. The system is short in construction time, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and is easy to maintain.

3, a wide range of applications, long transmission distance, in the face of large-scale emergencies or activities, can fully cover the scene.

4, high flexibility, easy to expand, in the face of secondary disasters or temporary expansion of the venue, can also quickly rectify the system structure and quickly adapt to the environment.


system structure:

1. Directional monitoring and communication transmission module

The directional transmission equipment-wireless bridge and the wind-solar complementary power supply system can solve the problems of monitoring, information transmission and power supply at the same time, and are mainly applied to scenes with fixed monitoring points and communication points.


2, 3G, 4G monitoring, communication transmission module

Using 3G and 4G wireless monitoring transmission equipment, the surveillance video or audio and video communication information can be transmitted back to the monitoring command center in real time by means of 3G and 4G wireless networks, mainly used in scenes with 3G and 4G wireless networks.


3, COFDM mobile video, communication transmission module

Using COFDM technology, it can realize fast mobile communication, which can be provided to vehicles, drones, and individuals. It transmits surveillance video and voice signals back to the monitoring and command center. It is mainly used in places without 3G and 4G signals. It is temporary and urgent. Strong, drone shooting and other scenes.


These three modules can be used alone or in combination. Depending on the application scenario, different combinations are more conducive to the function of the wireless emergency communication system.

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