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A list of these solution articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional solution, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • IFLY's MESH ad hoc network provides emergency command and communication solutions for forest fire prevention


    Demand analysisThe climate in spring is dry, and it is the high season for forest fires. Forest fires often occur in remote areas with trees and complex terrain, and it is difficult for conventional 4G networks to effectively cover them. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the problem of poor communicat Read More
  • The most complete wireless intercom intelligent system solution and fault analysis


    With the rapid development of wireless communication technology in China, the degree of intelligence of urban buildings is getting higher and higher, modern buildings generally have complex structures, and the walls are more shielded from signals. The intercom itself cannot meet the call requirement Read More
  • 4G-LTE Command and Dispatch Communication Solution for Emergency Events in Forest


    On 2nd Nov 2019, IFLY team at the invitation of the fire department in Fujian Province, took a series of exercise in a forest to test the 4G-LTE emergency command communication system effectiveness. This file is a brief conclusion of the exercise process. Read More
  • IFLY emergency command and dispatch solution


    In recent years, public emergencies have been characterized by cross-industry and cross-professionalism, with high frequency of incidents, high degree of harm, and a wide range of impacts. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the command, dispatch and handling of various emergencies. Read More
  • Airport wireless communication system solution based on LTE technology


    Nowadays, the communication system of traditional airports has always restricted the efficient operation of airport services. Under the background of rapid development of civil aviation and the construction of LTE network, whether LTE technology can be used to carry airport civil aviation services h Read More
  • Emergency communication, wireless video surveillance solution


    How to deal with sudden natural disasters has always been a topic of constant research in all countries of the world. From the development of emergency equipment to the establishment of emergency departments, they have different characteristics in different eras. Today, the use of wireless emergency Read More
  • Distributed antenna system will fill the gap in wireless network connection


    Whether it's an office building, an airport, a shopping mall or a stadium, wireless networking has become a basic requirement for employees, customers and tenants. In the enterprise, the Portable Personal Equipment (BYOD) policy, which is designed to improve mobility and employee productivity, poses Read More

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