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Airport wireless communication system solution based on LTE technology

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Nowadays, the communication system of traditional airports has always restricted the efficient operation of airport services. Under the background of rapid development of civil aviation and the construction of LTE network, whether LTE technology can be used to carry airport civil aviation services has become a focus of civil aviation communications. . Through analysis of various business characteristics and corresponding requirements in the field of civil aviation, the airport wireless communication system solution based on LTE technology has obvious advantages over other technologies.


For example, most of the existing IT systems in airports only use wired networks, and cannot extend the business to each step and every checkpoint in the production operation process. In this way, there is no comprehensive means for monitoring the floor. In addition, it is difficult for various services to work together in an integrated network. For example: broadcast flight plans, flight dynamics, and flight service announcements to the corresponding staff, wireless transmission of work orders, the loading center sends loading orders and manifests to the off-board loading and unloading team, and data of unchecked passengers' luggage is sent. And vehicle position real-time monitoring, work progress and task execution status reporting, large-capacity aeronautical information data, meteorological information data, wireless transmission of airborne electronic equipment data, etc., these real-time, reliable, large-scale, dense user Wireless data transmission requirements cannot be met by ordinary communication systems.

LTE technology, as the international mainstream fourth-generation wireless communication technology, ensures that the wireless private network system can obtain long-term vitality, which can meet the needs of the current stage and the needs of future large-capacity airport data transmission. At the same time, LTE technology's high bandwidth, low latency, and large capacity can also fully guarantee the transmission of data packets during the takeoff and landing of an aircraft.

In order to match the needs of civil aviation to the greatest extent, IFLY aims at the airport business and its scene characteristics, in order to solve the problem of airport operator's production scheduling efficiency, ensure airport production safety, and provide airport civil aviation customers with network equipment, intelligent airport operation system, and airport operation service system A complete set of LTE smart airport comprehensive solutions.

LTE wireless private network

The LTE wireless broadband private network provided by IFLY is optimized for the specific business needs of civil aviation based on the signaling process that conforms to the traditional 4G standard, further improving the quality of channel transmission and voice call quality, and ensuring the stability and reliability of airport voice dispatch Sex. In addition, the intelligent airport operation system client is implanted in the private network terminal, and the airport production operation system has a PC end extended to each business node to truly realize end-to-end intelligent operation. In addition to the video function, the terminal can also be equipped with auxiliary facilities such as throat vibration headsets and heavy noise reduction headsets to cope with the complex working environment of the airport.

LTE wireless private network

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