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IFLY emergency command and dispatch solution

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In recent years, public emergencies have been characterized by cross-industry and cross-professionalism, with high frequency of incidents, high degree of harm, and a wide range of impacts. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the command, dispatch and handling of various emergencies. In recent years, a number of dispatch and command systems have been constructed, but most of these systems mainly provide professional application services for relevant departments, such as: 110, 120, etc., and each business subsystem is basically In the state of independent operation and decentralization, when multiple platforms are linked, there are problems with reliability, stability, security, and scalability, which is difficult to meet the growing demand for coordinated dispatch in modern cities, which ultimately leads to emergency treatment, methods and plans. They are all different, with unclear responsibilities, poor coordination, and conflicting command and dispatch.

IFLY deeply understands the various needs of industry users in the process of informatization construction, and starts from the needs of customers to set up an emergency command and dispatch system. Its products and solutions can meet the needs of industry users for multi-service transmission, and provide the most cost-effective products and solutions The solution provides personal and comprehensive service capabilities. At the same time, it can also provide customized service solutions and spare parts guarantees according to customer application needs, so that customers can obtain timely and rapid technical and service support.


Unified dispatch and joint command

The system relies on the private network of the enterprise, making full use of the established public / private network communication systems, video monitoring systems, positioning databases and other resources to comprehensively access and manage resources, avoiding the "swap island" phenomenon, and establish a system that meets the needs of industry customers Scheduling system to support major events or emergencies, thousands of user units carry out cross-departmental and cross-level business collaboration, fully integrate information resources of various localities and departments, and achieve interconnection and interoperability of business application systems at all levels of government departments, Support the in-depth development of emergency dispatch command systems.

Multimedia Converged Communications

Supports daily work communication, voice, data, video and other business transmission needs during emergency public incidents. It can realize the integration of wired and wireless communication system resources and docking with other information communication systems / networks. Integrated with wireless communication, multimedia scheduling and data scheduling, daily command scheduling and emergency burst communication in one, user information status display and location information in one, automatic measurement and control and intelligent communication system in one integrated solution.

Quick response, timely and efficient

The emergency command and dispatch system, through all-round monitoring and monitoring, rapid response, accurate prediction, rapid warning, and efficient handling of operating mechanisms and capabilities, follows the "up and down, left and right connection, interconnection and interaction, information sharing, mutual emphasis, mutual support" Design ideas and build a dispatching command system to ensure safe, reliable, and unobstructed communication during emergency response.

IFLY's emergency command and dispatch system based on the multimedia fusion communication platform, realizes the request and processing of video, voice dispatch and other services through a unified platform, and implements various dispatch functions such as conference, dispatch monitoring screen, and voice dispatch through a unified dispatch terminal Provide industry users with a unified multi-service emergency command and dispatch platform that integrates voice, data, and video, making communication omnipresent and omnipresent.

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