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These are related to the emergency communication news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in emergency communication and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand emergency communication market.
  • Application of UAV in emergency communication


    In an emergency situation, communication is critical to the safety of first-aid personnel and the effective execution of emergency plans. However, in an emergency, the communication facilities are likely to be damaged:1. Extreme weather, such as the 2015 New Zealand Hunter District flood, may have a Read More
  • IFLY Integrated Communication Command System


    Emergency command agencies usually cannot use public network communications for security reasons. Even if a public network is selected, public network communications that were originally available may become unavailable due to disasters and other reasons, and cannot be planned and accurately predict Read More
  • Features and functions of 4G mobile communication technology and its application in emergency communication at fire sites


    1 Basic composition and characteristics of 4G mobile communication technology(1) 4G communication technology. The address method used by 4G LTE communication technology is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Websites, which divides the channel for a given frequency domain and turns i Read More
  • From emergency communication early warning plan to establishment of emergency communication support system


    Five hours after the Wenchuan earthquake in China that year, the network was basically paralyzed, and the telephone connection rate recovered 75% within one hour after the Lushan earthquake. What is the reason? It is reported that it is the national strategic document issued by the Ministry of Indus Read More
  • 4G-LTE Emergency Communication Solution For Oil&Gas


    Based on the most advanced 4G wireless telecommunication technolgoy, IFLY LTE Private Network Solution for oil and gas is featured with broadband, low latency and ultra long distance coverage. Read More
  • Emergency communication command dispatch | Forest fire command dispatch


    During the middle and late period of spring defense, the temperature in North China, Northeast China, West China, and Southwest China continued to rise, rainfall was insufficient, dry thunderstorms were frequent, and forest and grassland fire danger levels remained high. According to the three-dimen Read More
  • Portable forest fire emergency command and communication system solution


    China is a country with less forest resources. The forest coverage rate and per capita possession are far below the international average. At the same time, China is also a high-fire area. Since the founding of the country, an average of 12,000 forest fires have occurred each year. More than 700,000 Read More
  • IFLY: Portable Emergency Communication Unit


    Earlier we have talked about emergency vehicles, and everyone has come up with such a view: an emergency vehicle is a vehicle that can quickly set up a complete emergency communication system in an emergency, but the prerequisite is that it needs to reach the area quickly. Read More
  • Four means of emergency communication


    Emergency communication is a communication method that can provide emergency services temporarily and mobilely after emergencies such as guaranteeing combat readiness, rescue and disaster relief, occurrence of terrorist incidents, and failure of communication networks.Emergency communications must f Read More
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