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Portable forest fire emergency command and communication system solution

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China is a country with less forest resources. The forest coverage rate and per capita possession are far below the international average. At the same time, China is also a high-fire area. Since the founding of the country, an average of 12,000 forest fires have occurred each year. More than 700,000 hectares. Protecting forests and the social ecological environment has become the common aspiration of today's society.

Most of China's forest resources are located in remote mountain areas, and they are characterized by strong concentration and a large unit area. In addition, the communication infrastructure in many places is almost blank. Not only does there not be a ground wired communication system, but there is also no available wireless communication. System, which will lead to the failure to locate the dangerous source and locate the dangerous area in the first time if a catastrophic accident occurs. For a long time, the establishment of the frontline headquarters for fire fighting and forest fire control agencies at all levels has been a difficult problem for forest fire prevention work.

In the event of a sudden fire, the public communication system may be damaged and can no longer meet the requirements for handling emergency events. In response to this problem, Internet Online has launched a set of portable forward command system solutions that can quickly reach the incident site in emergency situations, establish a non-blocking emergency communication network and a fast and effective command and dispatch network to ensure fast, timely, and accurate Collect field information and provide real-time decision-making information for the command center. The system has rapid maneuverability and extensive communication capabilities, has deployability, high sensitivity, and versatility, and plays an indispensable and important role in implementing on-site emergency rescue and command dispatching.

IFLY designs the portable forest fire emergency command communication suitcase equipment based on the special characteristics of forest fire prevention and combined with foreign advanced fire emergency communication experience to solve the problem of directing and commanding before fire rescue. Rescuers can bring suitcases into the woodland to quickly launch emergency Communication box to achieve flexible coverage of multiple communication methods, integrate satellite communication, trunking intercom, private network 3G, IP communication, achieve rapid communication support and command dispatch, quickly establish front finger command, and achieve more flexibility for frontline firefighters. Command and dispatch to grasp more similar fire conditions, and maintain communication with mobile command vehicles and fire control headquarters at any time.


Implement function

Support wireless private network 3G, 4G communication

Support satellite phone

Support analog trunk and digital trunk intercom

Support fast group meetings

Support communication terminal switch conference

Support drag and drop

Support flexible definition of group calls

Support SIP users and relay docking

Support built-in battery

Supports carrying case

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