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IFLY: Portable Emergency Communication Unit

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Earlier we have talked about emergency vehicles, and everyone has come up with such a view: an emergency vehicle is a vehicle that can quickly set up a complete emergency communication system in an emergency, but the prerequisite is that it needs to reach the area quickly. However, in some difficult areas, vehicles cannot enter at all. If it need to wait for the road to be cleared before entering, it will miss the best rescue time.

Similar situations not only occur in earthquake-stricken areas, but also widely exist in floods, tsunamis, and riots. This has led to a more integrated emergency communication product: portable emergency communication unit


It can be pulled away, can be carried on its back, or even dropped by helicopter

1.What are the parts of this system?

Patron-P10 Portable Emergency Command System highly integrates baseband processing unit(BBU), Remote Radio Unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) and multimedia dispatch.

2.What kind of business does it provide?

It provides rich services LTE-based such as professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation etc.

3 What is the performance of such a condensed emergency command system?

●Fast deployment for first responders and wide environmental adaptability

➢Compact and portable enclosure design allows operators to rapid build a wireless network within 15minutes for emergency response.

➢One-press Startup, does not require additional configuration

●Diverse Terminal Range

➢Supports Trunking handheld, manpack device, UAV, portable dome camera, intelligent glasses, etc.

●Easy to Operate

➢With display, modify transmitted power and working frequency through rotating the knobs. Support PAD dispatch console.

●Highly adaptive

➢IP67 water and dust proof, high shock resistance performance, -40°C~+55°C operating temperature. 

4 What kind of terminal should this system be used with?

Support a variety of 4G terminals, including handheld walkie-talkies, CPE, MIFI, individual soldiers and other equipment.

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