IFLY Communication System Help Coronavirus Prevention and Control In China

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Coronavirus in China

As the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak in Wuhan. Shanghai, as the largest and most open international city in China, quickly response and take emergency measure to control the disease. On 24th Jan, Shanghai launched the first-level response mechanism of major public health emergencies. In the following 'wartime', 3,200 members of Shanghai center for disease control and prevention(SCDC) work hard day and night.


Up to now, there are 344 total cases, 320(93%) recovered, 3(1%) death and 21(6%) infected patients in hospital in Shanghai.

Coronavirus in Shanghai

In order to rapidly response to emergent acute infectious diseases, SCDC held many times exercise and established emergency response plan.


Among the exercise and emergency response plans, IFLY Vehicle-mount type 4G-LTE wireless communication system undertake the task of guaranteeing communications network.


Vehicle-mount type communication system for Emergency Communication Vehicle


The emergency communication vehicles(ECV) with LTE wireless communication devices are specially designed for use in scenario where 3G/4G LTE public network coverage is near to 0, for example the remote area or the earthquake and other natural disaster destroyed the network equipment, or the 3G/4G network is not available, such as Chinese Medical Team in Africa combat the Ebola virus.


Once the public network is not available, IFLY LTE private network communication system can rapidly build a stable network to ensure the emergency communication with real time video, voice, GIS and trunking dispatching.

joint exercise for control acute infectious diseases

          ➢CDC staff holding a trunking handset                      ➢ Remote Conference System & Trunking Dispatch           ➢LTE system installed in the vehicle

From August 27th to 30th, 2019, the Yangtze River Delta region held the first joint exercise of national emergency prevention and control teams for acute infectious diseases. During the joint exercise, IFLY LTE commanding and communication system provide a stable network to ensure the smooth communication.

joint exercise for control acute infectious diseases

In the coronavirus prevention and control, IFLY LTE private network system on communication vehicle is always on standby, once the public network is not available or unstable, the system can quickly start working for timely, accurate and smooth delivery of first-hand information.


Portable Type Communication System for Quickly Response to Emerging Infectious Diseases


CDC as the nation's health protection agency, which is responsible for controlling and preventing the introduction and spread of infectious diseases. In case of the infectious disease occurs in a hospital or other place in Shanghai, SCDC need to arrive at the scene immediately and get the first-hand information.


IFLY portable LTE system(Patron-P10) with small size and light weight can be easily brought to scene and immediately begin work within 10mins. The Call takers can clearly hear the reporter and see the emergency to determine the on-site conditions.

IFLY LTE Technical Team Traning

                                                          Picture 1.                                                                                       Picture 2.

Picture 1: IFLY Technical Team is training the SCDC Team members on Oct 17th 2019

Picture 2: 4G-LTE Portable Emergency Command System (Patron-P10)deployed at the top of a building in hospital in Shanghai.

IFLY Emergency Communication Technical Support Team will continuously take quick response and timely services, ensuring a high-effective communication supports during fighting with the coronavirus. We believe with the joint efforts of all human beings around the world, the virus will be eventually under control.

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