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Application of wireless emergency communication system in urban disease prevention and control center

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The construction of the urban emergency prevention and control center's health emergency information communication guarantee system has realized the exchange of information between different provincial and municipal health emergency command centers, and played an important role in responding to public health emergencies such as disaster prevention and prevention of infectious diseases and the treatment of infectious diseases in the province. effect.

Taking this new coronal pneumonia as an example, the short-term outbreak and wide spread range, the urban emergency prevention and control center's health emergency communication system has experienced a long "rest", and with the increase of time, it often brings the system hardware equipment aging, transmission Problems such as backward methods and slow coordination of personnel operations have severely restricted the normal operation of the health emergency communications support system, and it is difficult to meet the sudden demand for epidemic defense.

Therefore, with the acceleration of urbanization and the increase in urban population density, it is becoming more and more difficult to control the flow of people. In a timely manner, the serious harm caused by public health emergencies can be controlled, mitigated and eliminated, and emergency information communication guarantees for public health emergencies can be provided Efficiency, introduce modern communication means, and improve the system structure of on-site health emergency information collection, health emergency command vehicles, medical and health protection equipment and equipment, and central health emergency communications equipment, reminding China and the world that when facing public health emergencies A communication system whose main objective is to ensure communication functions should be established.

Mesh wireless ad hoc network system, application in disease prevention and control center

IFLY's Mesh wireless ad hoc network system is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with the new "wireless mesh network" concept. The system supports any network topology structure. Each node device can move randomly and quickly. The system topology can be quickly changed and updated without affecting system transmission. The overall system is convenient to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and easy to maintain. It has played an important role in facing public health emergencies such as urban health emergency communications, disaster prevention, and infectious disease treatment.

In wireless ad hoc networks, the lines between unit nodes are usually composed of multiple node devices. Although the wireless transmission distance is limited, the inter-node communication can be achieved by adding intermediate node equipment between two far-away node units. It can automatically form a network without the need for a preset base station as a basis, and has strong resistance to destruction. Sex. Based on Mesh ad hoc network wireless technology, IFLY's Mesh ad hoc network system demonstrates new ideas for wireless network access.

The system implements a front-end ad hoc network of digital walkie-talkies, individual node equipment, portable node equipment, and basic node equipment to form a wireless ad hoc network to ensure the normal operation of the health emergency information communication system of the CDC.

Integration of wireless image transmission technology and emergency communication system

The wireless image transmission emergency system uses the fourth generation of mobile communication technology (4G VSF-OFCDM) to achieve wireless transmission, 4C technology (that is, computer technology, display technology, communication technology and control technology), network interconnection and system control, etc. The transmission emergency system is mainly based on improving the rapid response capabilities, emergency response capabilities, and overall control capabilities of the disease prevention system to build a comprehensive, multifunctional, accurate, rapid, and effective monitoring of various major emergencies and infectious diseases. The comprehensive management and control system of security and on-site image transmission control improves the scientific and technological management level of the personnel in the disease control system.

The system realizes that the front-end individual soldier, the communication command vehicle, the vehicle 4G equipment, the 4G handheld terminal, the command center platform, and the video distribution system form a dual redundant link network that is a fusion of 4G and a microwave private network to ensure the health emergency information of the CDC. The communication system is operating normally.


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