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A list of these Ad hoc network articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Ad hoc network, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Critical Technologies and Applications of Wireless Ad-hoc Network


    IFLY R&D team developed a new Radio based on MANET Technology to replace traditional DMR, POC, TETRA system. This radio device would connect individual unit members through a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)based mesh topology to relay voice and GPS data information in a secure and robust manner while retaining the mobility needed for dismounted soldier operations. This paper describes the concept, features of the Ad hoc network in details. Read More
  • Characteristics of wireless ad hoc network


    (1) Network autonomyCompared with the conventional communication network, the wireless ad hoc network has the biggest difference that it can not need the existing information infrastructure at any time and any place. This is also a form of personal communication.(2) Dynamic topologyNodes have arbitr Read More
  • The past and present of the ad hoc network of emergency communication


    The advantages of ad hoc network communication are: fast, low-cost networking, high resistance to self-healing, large bandwidth, high-speed mobile communication, ultra-long-distance communication and other advantages.1. ConceptAd hoc network is a combination of mobile communication and computer netw Read More
  • IFLY's MESH Forest Fire Emergency Command Communication | Broadband MESH Ad Hoc Network Solution


    demand analysis Forest fire is the most dangerous enemy of forest and the most terrible disaster of forestry. It will bring devastating consequences to forest. Moreover, the timing of forest fires is ever-changing, and firefighters are participating in forest firefighting, and the dangers faced a Read More
  • IFLY's MESH ad hoc network provides emergency command and communication solutions for forest fire prevention


    Demand analysisThe climate in spring is dry, and it is the high season for forest fires. Forest fires often occur in remote areas with trees and complex terrain, and it is difficult for conventional 4G networks to effectively cover them. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the problem of poor communicat Read More
  • MESH wireless ad hoc network system


    The pioneer of wireless ad hoc network technology-AdHoc network first appeared in the 1970s, mainly used for military communications. AdHoc network is a special wireless communication network, which can be quickly and automatically networked without relying on any pre-built network facilities, and h Read More
  • Product status and trends of MESH ad hoc networks


    1. Introduction of MESH ad hoc network and its main technologiesMESH ad hoc network is a new type of wireless network that is completely different from traditional wireless networks. It is a technology that dynamically establishes new links to connect with other nodes. It has the advantages of self- Read More

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