Wireless Communications That Reach Through Dense Forests

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4G-LTE Private Networking, multi-level authentication and encryption mechanism

IFLY 4G-LTE Private Network Solutions Successfully Deployed in Fujian Forestry


When a fire department gets the alert that a forest fire has been spotted, everyone in the department is required to respond fast and decisively. It is a race against the clock because saving time is saving lives. During those first critical minutes, the first responders need a rapidly deployed yet advanced communication system that connects with all the human resources. And the system need to based on an independent, broadband and stable wireless network that allows real time voice, video and data transmission without dependency on any commercial resources.

Fujian Communication system for forest fire prevention is analog radio, which technologies fall short in dense forests and harsh natural environments.

Emergency Communications


The Forestry Bureau is pondering a wireless communication solution for firefighters or other first responders to connect wirelessly in thickly-wooded areas during the emergency events in forest such as fire, search and rescue or track down and arrest. This communication solution need to be featured with rapid deployment, reach through dense forests, broadband for real time video, voice and data, and portable for individuals for command and dispatch.


Wireless Communication System for forest

Based on customers requirement, IFLY supply its TD-LTE portable command communication system for Forestry Bureau. The system offers  several advantages in emergency situations.

High-level integration: Provides LTE-based services, professional trunking voice, multimedia dispatch, real-time video transferring, GIS location, audio/video full duplex conversation etc,.

Wide Coverage: Only one unit can cover an area upto 50 square km 

Fast Deployment: Compact and portable enclosure design allows operators to rapid build a wireless network within 15minutes for emergency response. 

Easy to use: One-press Startup, does not require additional configuration 

Wide environmental adaptability: Support NLOS environment

Diverse Terminal Range: Supports Trunking handheld, manpack device, UAV, portable dome camera, intelligent glasses, etc.

Highly adaptive: IP67 water and dust proof, high shock resistance performance, -40°C~+55°C operating temperature.

Products Involved

Portable Command Communication System

Portable Communication System(Patron-P10)


1. Integrates Baseband Processing unit(BBU), Remote Radio Unit(RRU), Evolved Packet Core(EPC) & multimedia dispatch.


2. Fast Deployment within 15min

3. Easy to carry by hands or car

4. Built-in battery for 4-6hours working time

5.Only one unit can cover an area upto 50 square km

Manpack CPE for Long Range CommunicationManpack LTE Gateway


1. Features with video, data, voice transmission and wifi function to connect with

the trunking handset.


2. Tri-proof Design: anti-lightning, shockproof,

dustproof, and waterproof


3. Frequency Option: 400M/600M/1.4G/1.8G

LTE Trunking Handset

LTE Trunking Handset


1. Integrates real time voice, data, and video services

2. Front & back camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

3. High level encryption


IFLY Portable Emergency Command solution helps improve Forestry Bureau information systems, enhance their emergency communications, and create safer, smarter forest protection system… now, and in the future.

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