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Visual Command and Dispatching Platform For IP MESH Solution

Model: CDP-100

CDP-100 is a platform specially developed for body worn cameras and IP MESH link. It is a visual command and dispatch platform for real-time audio and video dispatching and management of law enforcement officers of police, special forces, fire fighting, and high-speed trains. CDP-100 collects audio and video data, location information and other data of body worn camera and uploads it to the server via wireless network 4G/5G for storage and algorithm to realize video upload, video and audio monitoring, video sharing, GIS location return display, track Functions such as playback, video storage management, and remote deletion of terminal files.

Product Description


➢CDP-100 supports local or cloud deployment.

➢Supports various networks such as Internet, VPN network, private network, and Intranet.

➢Adopt B/S, C/S architecture, support PC, WEB, mobile phone (Android) access.

➢Permission access mechanism, accounts of different levels have different operating permissions.

➢The multi-level architecture technology is used to separate interface control, business logic and data mapping to achieve flexible and rapid response.

➢CDP-100 realizes the storage and analysis of large-scale high-definition data through distributed deployment.

Command Control Software

Real Time Display All Information on One Map

CDP-100 real time update and display urgent and critical information, such as alarm statistics, real-time alarm, location positioning, face recognition, etc. So dispatchers in command center could have a comprehensive view of incident status and response in time.

Control Center

Unified Multimedia Communication

Make calls to first responders. Monitoring video living streaming of each body worn camera and each operations GPS location information. Individual calls, group calls, and video calls, and map-based messaging; supports crosspatch and multimedia conference.

IP MESH Software

Remotly Control The Body Worn Camera

You can remotly operate the body worn camera with Stop Preview, Monitor, Talkback, sharing screen, etc. 

Map Fence

Map Fence

CDP-100 supports Baidu, Google, bingying. Users can set "Entrance Prohibited Map Fence" and "Exit Prohibited Map Fence" on the map and assign them to the body worn camera. When the worn body camera enters or leaves the designated area, the platform will generate an alarm.



Select a body worn camera to replay its track, which provides the officer in control room knows every operators movements.

Report Map


Supports viewing and exporting of map fences, alarms, online and offline status, user behavior statistics, coordination reports, etc.


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