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Digital Intercom Enjoys the Bright Future of Communication in the Petrochemical Industry

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As one of the important communication methods for today's enterprises and government departments, walkie-talkies have made great strides towards the digital age. Whether for oil drilling platforms, petroleum fire protection systems, chemical industry, or emergency rescue in the petrochemical industry, digital walkie-talkies and industry solutions The trend to replace analog walkie-talkies is becoming more apparent. This trend is due to the policy orientation of digital walkie-talkies in China on the one hand; on the other hand, it is due to the irreplaceable advantages of digital walkie-talkies instead of analog signal walkie-talkies. More importantly, the advent of this digital communication era has continuously spawned new communication models and brought unprecedented productivity and business value.

With the continuous research on user needs in the petrochemical industry, market accumulation, and continuous improvement in basic functions and applications, IFLY has been at the forefront of digital walkie-talkie industry solutions. On the basis of continuing the comprehensive functions and applications of digital walkie-talkies, IFLY brings 4G LTE Tri-proof Broadband Trunking Handset to corporate and government users. Come more digital intercom communication solutions.

With the continuous optimization of professional communication solutions in the industry, on the basis of meeting the basic needs of users in the petrochemical industry for communication solutions, IFLY is committed to bringing products and solutions with higher production efficiency and commercial value to users. In particular, users in the petrochemical industry have relatively high call performance and explosion-proof requirements for walkie-talkies, and they need to be more timely and accurate for group communication and dispatch system coordination. IFLY, relying on its user experience in the petrochemical industry, successfully provided petrochemical user solutions to a number of companies and platforms based on the specific needs of users, comprehensively enhanced its command and dispatching capabilities, and was highly evaluated by these users.

Application of digital walkie talkie in petrochemical industry

With the continuous development of walkie-talkies towards digitalization, IFLY will continue to launch corresponding products and solutions based on the needs and characteristics of users in the petroleum and chemical industries. We believe that our innovative and leading communication solutions will enjoy the future in the digital age together with users.

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