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IFLY helps the construction of emergency command system in the petroleum and petrochemical industry

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As the pillar industry of the national economy, China's petroleum and petrochemical industry bears the important responsibility of ensuring national energy security. With the acceleration of the process of industrialization and urbanization, the pressure on the industry is increasing day by day, and the industry's production safety and emergency dispatching capabilities are also facing severe tests.

IFLY is a leading provider of emergency command solutions for China's petroleum and petrochemical industry. The company's industry marketing director revealed to reporters that the petroleum and petrochemical industry has a very large management span, which leads to difficulties in timely response and effective disposal of emergencies. In order to solve this problem, in recent years, enterprises have begun to actively explore effective operating mechanisms for production safety and work, and have successively deployed scientific and effective emergency management solutions. IFLY has successfully provided emergency command programs and services to many well-known enterprises.


IFLY's emergency command products can be closely integrated with the emergency management business of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, and help the command centers at all levels of the enterprise to complete scientific, timely and effective decision-making and deployment. IFLY's emergency products have been distributed in more than ten provinces and cities in China. In the future, the emergency command system of the petroleum and petrochemical industry will be more complete, and the deployment scope will be more extensive, forming an application model of "combined peace and war". IFLY will also continue to increase investment in technological innovation and research and development, and further promote the application of emergency command solutions in the industry.

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