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New technology in public radio

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In recent years, the continuous development of communication technology and communication tools are in a state of continuous development. More and more communication channels make our lives and work more and more convenient and efficient. Even with the advanced development of mobile phones, walkie-talkies are still in an irreplaceable position, and their continuous innovation in technology also promotes the continuous advancement of China's wireless communication technology.

From the birth of the world ’s first walkie-talkie in 1940 to today ’s public network cluster walkie-talkies, the application of walkie-talkies has penetrated into all areas of life. Compared with traditional walkie-talkies, the new technology applied to IFLY walkie-talkies has made it possible. More useful new features.

The IFLY cloud intercom platform brings the voice intercom function to the majority of users, while providing better security and stability guarantee, and supports the expansion of ten million users.

Industry users use the standard API interface for free docking, get virtual intercom, value-added business capabilities, improve business levels, and get greater business returns.

1. Change the distance obstacle

In the past, the biggest problem of ordinary walkie-talkies was the obstacles in distance. Generally, the distance between talkies exceeded 5KM, and the signals received by the equipment would be greatly restricted, and the situation of insufficient communication signals would easily occur. With the continuous advancement of mobile networks, walkie-talkies are gradually shifting to a digital mode. Through the configuration of the IoT card, it can realize nationwide intercom with unlimited distances. The clear and zero-latency interworking mode makes the intercom process smoother.

2. Public network cluster management ensures smooth communication

Among walkie-talkies, the private network walkie-talkie corresponds to the public network. As a type of communication network, it will still be greatly restricted in practical applications. The private network is specially constructed to meet the needs of customers. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to achieve communication, and it has high requirements for the communication environment. It is easy to cause signal interruptions due to environmental restrictions.

The corresponding public network cluster management avoids network and environmental restrictions. At the same time, the efficient management of the intercom process through the cluster management platform makes the intercom process more efficient and fast, and also ensures the security and immediacy of the entire conversation process. The perfect combination of walkie-talkies and 4G full Netcom networks makes communication functions more complete.

3. Diverse functions improve equipment performance

The most basic walkie-talkies are only limited to simple communication dialogues. Such equipment will actually bring a lot of restrictions to our work. Yi Ruitong further developed the function of the walkie-talkie, so that users can experience a more comprehensive way of communication. Its functions such as confidential communication, positioning, and running track playback can meet the needs of most users and ensure the security of the entire conversation. At the same time, multiple call methods such as single call, group call, group call, etc., various industries can freely choose according to their industry nature, making the intercom conversation more powerful.

According to the needs of different industries, IFLY can customize and develop according to the needs of customers, and provide communication solutions for different industries, so that the intercom dialogue is more in line with industry characteristics, and work is carried out more smoothly.

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