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Urban integrated wireless communication system

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At present, the state attaches great importance to promoting the construction of urban underground corridors, and it is clearly stated in the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan: "By 2020, construct urban comprehensive corridors of more than 8,000 kilometers, and build a number of internationally advanced underground infrastructures into operation. Pipe gallery. " As a modern urban infrastructure, the comprehensive pipe gallery is inseparable from high-bandwidth and high-capacity wireless communication platforms in its daily management and operation and maintenance.

Urban integrated wireless communication system

Compared with the traditional wireless communication system, the corridor wireless communication system has the following advantages:

1.Scheduling management ability

In the corridor, the traditional wireless communication system generally uses walkie-talkie equipment, but due to the half-duplex nature of the walkie-talkie-only one party is allowed to speak at a time, and it cannot meet the one-to-one privacy call requirements, and the management staff cannot Intervention and management of call status and content have brought a lot of inconvenience to the management of the corridor. IFLY wireless communication system fully supports the communication function of explosion-proof mobile phones, and has perfect scheduling management capabilities. The monitoring platform can display the call status in real time, can intervene and manage at any time, and has scheduling communication functions such as emergency calls, call priority permissions, and supports rich management services such as group text messaging, voice conferences, and video conferences.

2. High quality communication

The intercom equipment used in the corridor of the traditional wireless communication system is very susceptible to the environment due to the external amplification of the sound. Signal interference, such as noise and popping, often causes problems in daily work communication. The IFLY wireless communication system achieves seamless roaming throughout the network through distributed access, ensuring high-quality communication signals.

3. More flexible contact

Traditional wireless communication systems do not have public network communication capabilities. In daily work, managers cannot know the progress and safety status of field personnel in real time. Once emergency incidents such as equipment failure and personal injury occur in the corridor, external emergency forces cannot quickly intervene. Rescue. IFLY wireless communication system supports the normal use of explosion-proof smart phones in the corridor, freely connecting fixed-line telephones and public network telephones, making communication in the integrated corridor more free, flexible, and has more application space.

With the advancement of the construction of smart cities, more and more cities have begun to construct underground comprehensive pipe corridors. The urban underground pipelines in the corridors are the lifeline of urban operations. The wireless communication system, personnel positioning system, and video surveillance system developed and produced by IFLY can The realization of information sharing, real-time monitoring, and centralized control of pipelines in the corridors plays an important role in urban safety and pipeline operation, and also promotes urbanization construction.

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