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Are you using the right way to use the digital trunk walkie-talkie?

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Today's wireless communication systems use the most advanced digital technology and communication technology, featuring advanced technology, high spectrum rate and high data transmission rate, achieving the advantages of command and dispatch, telephone interconnection, data transmission and short message communication. A new generation of cluster communication technology.

In general, the digital trunking communication system utilizes the method of dynamically allocating resources, and realizes a short-time communication of wireless to wireless through a dedicated command and dispatch system and a large-area cell coverage network. The digital trunking communication system mainly serves group users and special user groups, and provides users with private network communication services in terms of priority and special functions.

digital trunking communication system

After learning about digital trunking communication, let me talk to you about how to use digital trunking in a reasonable way.

1. Start with the familiarity with the characteristics of digital trunking communication.

Different from the simplex communication of the ordinary walkie-talkie and the full-duplex communication mode of the mobile phone, the digital trunking intercom is mostly a half-duplex communication that loads complex control signaling. Therefore, you should use the following methods when using:

① Because in the actual operation, the digital trunking interphones in the large-scale market cannot be synchronized. Therefore, when using, you must press and hold "PTT" to talk, and release "PTT" to listen, and before a call is established, the cluster walkie-talkie needs to apply for a communication signaling to the system, and the first call of the user who initiated the call. While holding down the “PTT” button, wait for 1 second before speaking.

After the call ends, the user who initiates the call can press the delete button to allow the system to retrieve the communication channel in time, thereby effectively saving system resources.

② Before using the walkie-talkie officially, you can read the operating instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the various buttons and functions of the digital trunk intercom. In addition, check whether the antenna is damaged before starting the machine, and whether the installation is tight, to avoid frequent opening and closing operations during use, and adjust the volume knob to the desired position beforehand.

③ When you find that the call is not good during use, it is recommended to change direction or move the current position to minimize the obstacle between the walkie-talkie and the cluster system base station; indoors, the window position is undoubtedly the best choice for ensuring the signal.

2. Strictly enforce the regulations to prevent illegal communications.

Most digital trunking walkie-talkies distinguish communication channels in the form of working groups. Users need to communicate according to the specified authority. Daily calls use defined daily working groups. When performing other tasks, other work should be used according to the established communication plan. Communication group. For non-work needs, it is forbidden to use or monitor non-daily work channels privately, and it is not allowed to make calls on non-unit workgroups or initiate implicit groups to make calls.

3. Skilled application and conversion of conventional communication.

Digital trunked walkie-talkies generally have user communication functions such as current workgroup calls, dial-up group calls, dial-up calls, and regular communications, and some also have the ability to make calls, and users can communicate as needed. The current working group call is the most convenient. The user only needs to directly press “PTT” to transmit, and can call the working channel where the channel selection knob is located, and the dialing group call, dialing call and dialing the telephone, etc., the user needs to play the keyboard. Select the appropriate number and press the “PTT” button to launch.

4. Correct bad habits and regulate battery charging.

In daily communication, the correct method of holding the communication is: after pressing “PTT”, the user should keep the handheld radio in a vertical state, and the handheld radio or radio microphone and the mouth should be kept at a distance of 2.5cm-5cm, the antenna and the face are not Should be in contact. At the same time, if the antenna, knob, keyboard and battery of the walkie-talkie are faulty, do not continue to use it.

5. Master the scientific charging rules.

Battery charging should master and charge the new battery three times before charging is generally full of 12 hours - 15 hours, after which the charging time can be shortened, according to the charger indicator light; non-lithium battery charging, should be used after the battery is fully used or use the charger The discharge function determines that the discharge is complete and then charges it.

6. Obey the communication discipline

Do not pass confidential content during communication. At the same time, it is necessary to raise the awareness of safety precautions. In a potentially explosive environment, it is forbidden to use the walkie-talkie or install or disassemble the battery.

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