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Necessity of tunnel wireless intercom communication system construction

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With the development and demand of the society, railways, highways, traffic tunnels, diversion tunnels, etc. have all been put into construction. In order to ensure the safe production of the construction and the normal dispatching command, the wireless communication system plays a vital role.

The wireless walkie-talkie has been used in tunnel construction and post-scheduling for many years because of its advantages of multiple calls, no need for networking, and simple and convenient operation. However, in general, ordinary walkie-talkies need to introduce a complete set of tunnels because of the limited launch distance and the large obstacles to the signal. Only a single intercom device can not meet the communication requirements of any part of the tunnel. , reliable tunnel wireless intercom communication system.

The wireless intercom signal coverage system is a wireless mobile communication platform for daily operation scheduling and security protection of functional departments. The most important requirement is that the system should be able to solve the signal blind zone caused by large buildings and unfavorable terrain. The signal is effectively covered in the relevant area, greatly increasing the communication distance, overcoming various adverse terrain effects, and realizing work coordination and command and dispatch in the relevant area.

The tunnel wireless intercom communication system provides smooth communication between departments in the tunnel, covering the tunnel management area and important equipment room. The wireless intercom system can establish flexible communication between the maintenance, rescue, patrol and other personnel in the tunnel and the control room management personnel. It can transmit information, notifications and commands to the staff in the tunnel through the dispatching base station of the control center. Command and personnel scheduling for unexpected incidents in a timely manner. And the link can be established with the outside line through the dialing system.

tunnel wireless intercom communication system

The tunnel wireless intercom communication system can adopt 150MHz or 400MHz analog or digital communication. Several groups of talk groups can be designed according to the staff in the tunnel, so that the group members can feedback important information at the first time and ensure the safety of the personnel when working alone.

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