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Scenic private network - emergency command communication wireless intercom system solution

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The scenic area usually has a large area. In the event of an emergency, a communication system covering the entire scenic spot is indispensable. Today, IFLY Communication and you will learn about the wireless intercom system solution for the scenic private network emergency command communication.


In order to effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the hazards of public safety emergencies, in order to protect the public life and property safety, maintain normal social order, and promote social harmony development activities, not only law enforcement departments need command and dispatch systems to facilitate emergency response, it is also necessary to build a command and dispatch system in densely populated tourist attractions. The area of the scenic spot is large, the area is complex, and the tourists are widely distributed. The establishment of the scenic area command and dispatch system can timely grasp the positioning and trajectory operations of the patrol personnel, which can effectively protect the safety of life and property of passengers, and also ensure the safety of scenic spots such as forests.

Scenic private network



The private network communication solution can realize the overall coverage of the above-ground and underground areas of the scenic spot and interconnection. The cluster intercom terminal has a patrol function, which can set patrol beacons in key inspection areas to meet online patrol operations and improve daily security efficiency and management capabilities. The scenic command and dispatch system can provide comprehensive information such as high-definition images, sounds, and location. They can provide multiple ways of communication and information services, monitor and analyze the progress of predicted events, and provide basis and support for decision-making.


From a variety of scenic security incidents to frequent forest fire incidents, we believe that the establishment of a scenic command and dispatch system has become a very necessary task on a global scale.

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